We are YWOW- Young Women of Worth, AWLO’s Next Generation Female Leaders model of excellence.

Impacting the world with incomparable transformational leadership of the positive influence of feminine endowments and motherhood.

About US

Raising the next Generation of Leaders

AWLO has extended its passion for the cause of advancing the participation and performance in leadership by women, by bridging its interventions to the next generation. AWLO Youth Council is a generative and proactive platform for young females between ages 18 and 35. The youth council of AWLO not only seeks to improve the performance of women in leadership; but to anticipate and address the issues that will give Africa and the World, the very best of female leaders tomorrow. It is driven by dynamic young female leaders called the young women of worth, who are dynamite in their delivery of the AWLO message through outreaches, campaigns, projects, and actions.

Our Chapter Cordinators

Dr. Mrs. Violet Arene

Global Matron
Dr. Violet .N.Arene is rare breed – a Nigerian woman who straddles several arenas of human endeavor in work experience. She is one unique living soul with remarkable stint in the Public Service Sector, Private Sector.

Mrs. Ijeoma Osuagwu

USA Youth Matron

Gugulethu Marhari

AWLO South Africa Youth Council President

Jessica Chonzi

AWLO Zimbabwe Youth Council President

Barrister Flora Ngo-Martins

AWLO Nigeria Youth Council President

Esther Elias

AWLO UK Youth Council President


AWLO Abuja Youth Council, Nigeria Coordinator

Tosan Akakporo

AWLO Delta State Coordinator, Nigeria

Gedah Etefia

AWLO Cross Rivers Youth Council Coordinator


Youth Council President, Cameroon

As the bridge to the next generation to be amenable to creative, innovative entrepreneurship challenges; trainings, mentoring, and acquisition of knowledge and skills of self- equipment and preparation to advance the model of female leadership for a greater Africa and the world.

6 Alhaji Bankole Crescent, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja. Lagos