Many times, I am fascinated by the demeanor of AWLO Member; Mrs. Eno Attai. Cool, calm, collected, and hits you with the right words when she speaks. In this month for ‘sisterly love’, as we aim to bring out the best in one other, she shares on the strengths of introvert women.

She is a Toastmaster and admits that this has been a booster to opening up and sharing more. Mrs. Attai studied  Business Administration at the republic of Benin; where she learnt to speak French in addition to 3 Nigerian languages. She is a creative with a flourishing bead-work and women read-to-wear (made by her) business.

Her day-to-day work engages her creatively. It demands a lot of focus, attention to detail and discerning approach. Mrs. Eno Attai says women can leverage on such strengths to be spectacular leaders.

There has been a Misconception

Leadership has been a thing for the bold and extroverted. You hear people proclaim themselves as ‘born leaders’ most times because of their bold nature. Sometimes, the ‘slow and steady’ really does win the race.

5 Traits That Make Introvert Women Better Leaders By

Toastmaster Eno Attai

They Listen

Listening is a sign of good communication and leadership. Being able to listen without interruption assures people that you are following. Introvert women are good listeners, and they can bring this on-board leadership.

They Embrace Solitude

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Introverts are boosted by spending time with themselves. As a leader, this will give them the opportunity for self-reflection, reasoning and research. Then, interruption is less and focus and imagination is accelerated. Leader, Bill Gates has been known for always disappearing as a child, and retorting back “Don’t you think?” when his mother would find him.

They Are Prepared

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Thoughtfulness, consideration and thorough preparation are principles every leader should deploy.  Introverts have an edge here because they may overthink their tasks, since people tend to underestimate their abilities. Well, that is why they knock people off their feet.

They Think Before they Talk Or Act

Since introverts spend more time in their head, the result is usually thoughtful words and action. They think before they speak or act. During communication with team members or presentation, they are aware of the impact of their words. So, they mean what they say, say what they mean, and their words and actions are in sync. This inspires integrity and trust.

They maintain A Calm Disposition

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Being cool, calm, and collected and not exhibiting despair as a leader, inspires confidence. It is a sign of being organized. Nigerians can relate to Former President Obasanjo whom, when he had the opportunity to address the nation in a face of national crises his address would be interjected with lines such as ‘I dey Kampe’; an assuring Nigerian pidgin phrase meaning ‘I am fine. Nothing can go wrong’.

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