• Give us a detailed biography about yourself stating what you do, the challenges faced and success stories

I am Leku Slyvie Nakou, a passionate volunteer whose assignment on earth is to ensure love and harmony through listen to the plights of her community and looking for possible ways to solve them, Also an agripreneur who is out to solve the problem of unemployment and to boost the economy of my country through empowering women, girls, and farmers. I faced so many challenges because my community didn’t believe in me and what I could do as a woman living with a disability. Yet I didn’t give up on the vision. I would walk from door to door rendering my service either to help make manure out of their waste as HYSACAM (a company that collects waste) was not coming in our community yet. Moreover, they would refuse. I would organize free training on waste management, some on food transformation and inform them but no one would show up. Nevertheless, my brains kept on working and I decided to invite the youths for an educative talk and few of them came. But I said to myself ”Sylvie this is the beginning of greater achievement”. And I have been able to organize training, talks to empower the youths and women.

Leku Slyvie Nakou, Member of the AWLO Youth Council Cameroon
  • Do you have a morning routine? Tell us about it.

Every morning, I always do my morning devotion, immediately after it I plan my day and I arrange my bed and take a bath, set to confront any vibes during the day because I’m well-armed.

  • What is the favorite part of your routine?

I love my morning devotion because it inspires me to plan my day and it helps me accomplish whatever I had planned to do.

  • What are your personal mission and vision statement?

My mission is to educate youths especially young girls to have a patriotic spirit and self-value. My vision is to create a world of equity where women especially those living with disabilities are no longer relegated at the periphery but they have equal opportunities as theirs of men, can speak without any prejudice, and their rights are respected.

  • What is your typical day like?

My typical day is putting a smile on someone’s face and giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

  • Mention 2 people you spend time with on most days and why?

My Mum Florence and my best friend Flora, they are always ready to listen to me without judging me. And they always make me surpass all oaths and limits because they always support and trust that I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.

My Mummy and I
  • Where is your favorite/ inspirational place? Why?

When I’m standing in front of the mirror. When I see who I am and the great potentials I have, I always say to myself

“I need to impact the world”.

  • Would you say you have become more empowered since you joined AWLO and how

Yes, I have, AWLO teaches something new every day and when I apply it to my life, it makes me more empowered and stronger. For instance, AWLO is the first women-led organization where men are not left behind, but instead, we work hand in glove with them, and this has helped me in my activities.

  • What is your personal contribution towards closing the gender equality gap?

I’m also working with youths because I believe that boys and girls need to be cautious and be aware of their social responsibilities so as to see the role they have to play in each other’s life

  • Who is our favorite colleague member and why?

Kim Farrelle, She is always available when I need and she also loves what I’m doing and encourages and gives me advice as well.

  • Favorite book and why?

“Afrika Ba’a” by Remy Gilbert Medou, I love this book because it shows that we have the power to change the world if we stop blaming others and start to build what we want to see in the world.

My favorite book
  • What have you done that you are most proud of?

I’m proud of assisting women and girls with information about their health and helping them with business ideas for the sustainability of their livelihood.