Tell a Sister, to tell a Sister, about #AWLOINDUCTION2017

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Every AWLO event has a takeaway, and this time we are gearing up for #AWLOINDUCTION2017. At African Women in Leadership organisation, AWLO, we seek to advance the status of women in leadership.

We have been privileged to share some priceless moments with women.

Some of them shared their personal takeaways from AWLO Events:

Joanna said:

The program was a great one. I was paired with a mentor who was everything I thought a mentor should be: warm, friendly and easy to relate with, with a great sense of fashion as well! She took time to share with me and gave me lots of pointers on how to plan my life and build up my skills.

Gladys Ohaba said:

I learnt to manage my time, priorities, energy, thoughts, words and personal life, and how to strike a balance between work and personal life, the value of time and knowing your capabilities as an individual.

Also, I learnt that there’s nothing wrong in delegating responsibilities, that when you delegate you are improving someone’s life while improving yours (so you don’t break down). We are encouraged to let our emotions translate in what we do, create an atmosphere of positivity and exert self-control.

Share these life-changing testimonials with a sister, to invite her to #AWLOINDUCTION2017 at Le Meriedien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort Akwa Ibom, on 15th December 2017. See more testimonials below.


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