Everyone sees leadership and greatness in a number of ways. What do you find interest in? What really inspires you? Are you willing to share your passion with the rest of the world? There a lot of trainers and fitness models who fancy showing off their curves and great body on instagram. We celebrate Tawanya Norwood as one of our Extraordinary Voices today.

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She’s a strong woman who did not let her background affect the woman she has always wanted to be. She is an aspiring fitness model, with self taught yoga poses including headstands.

Who is Tawanya Norwood?

Tawanya Norwood is from a low income, high crime neighborhood in Miami, Florida known as Liberty City. She has a dream to be a motivational speaker to athletes, women and kids who grew up from the type of community she did.

She is also aiming to be endorsed as an athlete by Nike and also to model so people can listen to her speak.

For more than a year she has been taking pictures and editing with her iPad and posting them to her Instagram account so she can get the attention of someone from Nike. Oh! let this be it.

Her interest in fitness

Tawanya has always had a passion for sports. In high school she ran track from 2003-2007. Her passion increased when she got into college because she noticed its high level of impact on people. She gradually started a research on sports in the society and she came across a motivational speaker who used sports as an analogy for life. She loved his speeches after listening to them and decided she wanted to do something similar. She learnt from his perspective how sports can teach life lessons and she developed a genuine passion with an appreciation for fitness in general.

Tawanya’s ‘Big Dreams’

Tawanya was inspired to ‘dream big’ by speaker Eric Thomas. From his story he went from being on the streets to having a PhD and speaking to NBA and NFL teams about his journey and breakthrough. His background and accomplishments made her realize she could also do the same thing. She chose to be a speaker because it involved all the things she was good and passionate about. In one of his speeches, he asked “What qualifies you to stand before an athlete who’s a 7 time NBA champion?” That made Tawanya realize she had to accomplish something more in life if she wanted to gain the ear and respect of the people whom she wants to listen to her.

“Never give up. Great things Take Time.”

Her love for Nike made her choose it in particular. The blend of Nike fashion, athleticism and inspirational messages. Also the cooler things to do like travelling to different countries, photoshoots, training in groups and events with both the trainers and celebrities. For Tawanya it paved a way to a better life.

She’s still growing and she believes this path will take her to a better life and she has been consistent in it.

Her inspiration

Tawanya has cited Eric Thomas and Beyoncé as her inspiration. Beyoncé inspires her because she’s successful, creative, confident, ambitious, strong, talented, beautiful, hard- working and genuine. She sees a lot of herself in Beyoncé and to her “she shows me how great she can be, women can be.”

Her Extra Ordinary Feats

It will interest you to know that Tawanya Norwood is a Florida-based acrobat-turned-Marine. Norwood has over 10,000 instagram followers, whom she continually wows with her incredible yoga poses.

This is what Tawanya Norwood has to say about her amazing yoga career “My self- esteem and interactions with others. Learning poses like handstands has made me appreciate myself more and love myself for who I am and what my body can accomplish. I can see my strength when I do yoga so I don’t look to others as much to validate it. I admire what I’ve accomplished so I don’t seek out the admiration of others as much. I’m still working on some things but yoga has helped me find within myself what I once looked for outside of me… approval.”