As a Leader, you may already give your best and hope that your efforts are good enough. While good performance is critical in leadership, it may not be enough. People are doing great work as well, but what can make you outstanding?

How can you be memorable? How do you make a lasting impression? What makes you different from others? Here is how to make your efforts stand out.

Innovate and Reinvent

It is important to show creativity and innovation. Leadership is about innovating and reinventing. There lies the opportunity to be outstanding. By making useful contributions and asking intelligent and useful questions, you bring a different perspective to the table. Demonstrate that you can think outside the box. Most importantly, make sure that your creativity and innovation benefits the work.

Have Great Attitude

Be positive and enthusiastic and engage with people ethically. No matter how your day is, it’s important to stay upbeat. Generally, people tend to enjoy working with pleasant, encouraging and constructive people, rather than complaining, negative, and rude people who are not constructive.

Contribute Significantly

Always show up prepared, by doing your homework and gathering relevant resources. Don’t show up complacent. If you are actively engaged in the work process, you will make significant contributions to the team effort. You might also want to voluntarily contribute in addition to your mandatory work load. Do more to be relevant and outstanding.

Build Relationships

Be friendly, and let people get to know you. Have an approachable persona, build relationships and trust. Be dedicated to showing interest in the lives of those you work with. This is an added thing to how you work, and it makes you memorable and likeable. It’s also important to have a mentor who networks you with his or her contacts.  A knowledgeable and connected​ mentor can be a huge resource to help you build relationships and connect you with like-minds in your field. Relationships make you stay relevant.

Communicate Effectively

Many people may be competent professionally, but lack effective communication skills.  As a leader, you have to pay careful attention to how you express yourself not only in writing, but also during face-to-face conversations, and on the phone. In communicating, be confident, respectful and clear. Always strive to be a good listener by paying attention, maintaining polite eye contact, and striving to understand what people are saying (you may ask questions to clarify). Developing good communication skills make you an outstanding leader.

Be Result Oriented

Results have a loud Voice. People pay more attention to what you do than what you say. Put all your efforts into action. Pay attention to the actions and skills required per task. What can you do exceptionally well? Also construct a milestones list. Don’t be complacent or wait to be pushed. Have outstanding work ethic.

If You Don’t Blow your Trumpet, Others Will Make it a Spittoon

In as much as it is not done annoyingly, it is great to promote yourself, and let people know about your outstanding work. Achievements make you stand out and hasten career advancement. Promote yourself. Have a killer elevator pitch. Do you have a great LinkedIn profile? Also ask people to recommend you for your skills. Strive to make a great impression all the time.

To become Outstanding, Trust your Journey

The key is to find what is different about you and capitalize on it. Pay attention to what you do best, what you bring to the table, what is special about you. Be remarkable, memorable and authentic. Be professional and reliable. Be creative, interesting, and show talent. Let what is different about you be visible, work on cultivating that uniqueness and you will be outstanding.