Every year the Founder of African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), Hon. Elisha Attai, takes on a working visit to the USA for two weeks; to stay-in-tune-with and track progress, to discuss and implement expansion, and also to interact with the leadership of the organization.

AWLO USA has been one of the proactive regions. During Hon. Elisha Attai’s work visit last year, he inaugurated 5 additional Chapters, and formidable ties were established between the organization and African embassies in the United States.

AWLO Chapters are spread across Continents to integrate Women of African Descent. AWLO creates engagement through chapters. We strategize for, and implement impact at the community level, and also coordinate and empower members for developmental projects at the community level through chapters.

This year the Founder hopes to amplify impact in the USA, to reinforce the vision among AWLO members, and also to track progress of infrastructures. One of the latest infrastructures of the organization has been the Youth Council, his visit is to further solidify this platform. He is also meeting with executives to re-strategize on gaining more grounds, and he hopes that this visit will inspire renewed zeal amongst members.

The AWLO leadership Structure is built to empower, and hone the leadership skills of team members. Hon. Elisha Attai hopes to instill the same passion as in himself, in leaders of the organization. It is in times like these he bonds with team members to ignite such zeal. He is known for his warmth in leadership.

His first stop has been Houston Texas, for the first think-tank meeting with the executives of the AWLO Houston Texas Chapter. In his Company has been the Global Youth Matron; Dr. Violet Arene, and were being received by the AWLO Houston Texas Coordinator; Mrs. Donna McGowan. Mr. President is optimistic that these will be times of inspiration.

AWLO ATLANTA MEETING L-R: Mrs Donna McGowan (Coordinator, Houston, Texas), Dr. Mrs. Violet Arene (AWLO Youth Matron), Hon. Elisha Attai (Founder/President)