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Ladies and Gentlemen

This year’s International Youth Day is peculiar because it is happening at a point in time when the world is recovering itself from the global shock of the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the theme “The Role of Youths in Promoting Peace and Nation-building through Entrepreneurship and Innovative Leadership” cannot be more timely and relevant because, without the impact of the youth, this global recovery process cannot be effective. Also, without the impact and contribution of the entrepreneur, the economies of nations cannot regain their momentum and return to their glory days.

Certainly, without the promotion of global peace, the world’s religious, racial and economic crises may not witness stability. At this very point, it becomes increasingly clear, the words of Aristide Briand, that the world should “Draw back the rifles, draw back the machine guns, draw back the cannons – trust in conciliation, in arbitration, in peace!  …A country grows in history not only because of the heroism of its troops on the field of battle, it grows also when it turns to justice and to right for the conservation of its interests.”

The solutions and resolutions at this time rest with the global youth community. This is the critical moment when the world holds the contributions of youth sacred to education, the economy, politics, and business, and as their sign period of maturity, when the physical forces begin to flag, and equally sacred to ease and agreeable relaxation. For the AWLO youth, we recognize that it is only natural that old people would have to go at some point. That is what age does. But the problem is that there are too many youths who are too impatient to wait for time to have its course.

Therefore, it is my most candid advice and admonition that the AWLO youth shine as a beaming example in the context of global peace-building, nation, and world-building through their contributions to national, regional, and global peace, economy, and politics by developing their entrepreneurial skills and business acumen.

As you celebrate and commemorate the 2021 International Day of the Youth, I implore you to keep these words in mind and make them your compass for navigating your path into the future that approaches. Congratulations for making it through. The very level of energy and resilience that brought you this far will take you farther. See you all at the top!

Long live AWLO!

Long live AWLO Youth Council!Long live our world!
Dr. Elisha AttaiFounder/Global President of AWLO

Communiqué: Economic Empowerment of Women & Girls

The subject of ‘women and the economy’ has been on the front burner of international development. It gained prominence when Japanese prime minister, Shinzō Abe embarked on an ambition to boost Japan’s stunted economy, and coined the term “womenomics” to “capitalize on the power of women” whom he called “the most underutilized resource”. 

African Women in Leadership Organisation continues to narrow down, in areas of high leverage, for the advancement of women’s leadership. Hence, the goal of the virtual town-hall meeting on Economic Empowerment of Women & Girls held on the 17th July 2020 was to pool the skills of AWLO’s international network; to exchange ideas, and tailor solutions to increase women’s economic participation and opportunities. 

Please download full Communiqué

Dr. Elisha Attai Honored Alongside Chief Mrs. Akande, Folorunsho Alakija, Princess Abah Folawiyo at FADAN Fashion Week 2017

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The Founder of African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), Dr. Elisha Attai, was recently honored by the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN), alongside other key contributors to National development such as, Chief Mrs. Akande, Folorunsho Alakija, Princess Abah Folawiyo, and others.

According to the FADAN National President Funmi Ajila Ladipo, this year’s FADAN Fashion Week was centered on empowering young women and slated to raise funding to buy sewing machines for 500 trainees.

Dr. Elisha Attai in thanking the organizers for the recognition, said he was enthused to be a part of women development and dedicated the award to AWLO Members globally.

Dr Elisha Attai receiving FADAN Award

He received the award in the company of a few AWLO Executives and Members. Namely: Dr. Violet Arene; AWLO BOT Member, Mrs Pat Umo Eno; AWLO Patron, Mrs. Chidinma Chukwujama; AWLO Protocol Director, Mrs. Maureen Omeibe; AWLO Lagos Chapter Coordinator, Mrs Esther Omotayo; AWLO Kaduan Chapter Coordinator, and others. He was also accompanied by his dear wife Mrs. Eno Attai.

Dr. Elisha Attai

Dr Attai and his Executives/Members


Dr. Elisha Attai

Dr. Attai and Wife

Dr. Elisha has received numerous accolades these year for his contributions to the advancement of women of African descent. He was recently honored by the Global Oved Dei University USA with a Doctorate degree.
Here is to many deserved honors. Congratulations Dr. Elisha Attai.

Nuggets and Rare Inspiration from AWLO Anambra State Chapter Launch

[Tweet ““Women were created from the bone, Men from dust. Bone is stronger!” – Dame Uche Azikiwe (MFR)”]

AWLO Anambra State Chapter Launch yesterday, was graced by the Wife of the First president of Nigeria, Dame Uche Azikiwe (MFR). As several generations gathered, there was an outpour of wisdom from the Late Elder Stateman’s wife to the younger women. She expressed her delight in AWLO’s movement of Women Leadership because for her, “To run without women is to run with one leg” and “if you forget women, you are going nowhere”, as she quoted Leadership Icons; Julius Nyerere and Nelson Mandela.

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Dame Uche was also decorated as a Patron of the African Women in Leadership Organisation by the Board of Trustees of the organization, who saw her contributions as potent in driving AWLO’s vision.

The visionary of AWLO, Hon. Elisha Attai who was proud of the newest addition to AWLO – AWLO Anambra Chapter & the show of support by Dame Uche Azikiwe, assured women of AWLO’s commitment of providing a first-class platform with resources and leaders who will offer the right mentoring.

The Global Youth Matron of AWLO; Dr. Violet Arene, imparted motivated the  Anambra women, urging them to rise up to the historic leadership of the Anambra Heroines. Also in attendance were the Chapter Coordinators for Lagos and Rivers State; Mrs. Maureen Omeibe & Mrs. Ajoke Enebeli. Mrs. Noeleen Ojugbana; the coördinator of the Anambra State Chapter will be championing the Organisation’s cause for Anambra State.  Queen Mercy Atang; the present Miss International World Classic became the organization’s first Global Young Leader/Ambassador.


AWLO Toastmasters Club Coming Soon!

Toastmasters District 94 Director; Ganiatou Sambaou, yesterday paid a visit to the African Women in Leadership Organisation International Headquarters in Lagos, during her visit to Nigeria.  The visit has begun the process of solidifying a Toastmasters club in AWLO.

According to the founder of AWLO; Hon. Elisha Attai, The African Women in Leadership Organisation finds shared values with Toastmasters International. Toastmasters is known to groom leaders to become great speakers, and as AWLO is in the business of delivering the best of female leaders for the world this synergy becomes a catalyst.

As a result of this development, AWLO has started preparations for its first Demo Club meeting to officially open the club to AWLO Members. More update about this, coming soon.

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President and Founder of AWLO with Toastmasters Ganiatou Sambaou President and Founder of AWLO with Toastmaster Ganiatou Sambaou




AWLO Lagos GCEP Gives Financial Empowerment, Free Cancer Screening to 300 Plus Indigent Women

The Lagos State Chapter of African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), recently Unveiled her Grassroot Connect Empowerment Project (GCEP) on the 30th of May 2017, where 51 indigent women were empowered with different financial packages from Two Hundred Thousand to Twenty Five Thousand Naira, and over 300 Women given free cervical cancer screening.

The program was aimed at reaching out to the indigent women in Lagos State on the 50th anniversary of the State, and saw in Attendance the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation for Lagos State, Hon Lola Akande, and also the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary and Directors.

The Access Bank team led by the Group Head of Women and Inclusive Banking; Mrs. Ope Wemi-Jones was also on ground to empower the women by giving a free small-scale enterprise management and financial literacy training. Under the GCEP Project also, 30 Women are going to be trained by GCEP’s partner skill acquisition centers in Nigeria.

The Founder/President of AWLO; Hon. Elisha Attai, emphasized on the need for the beneficiaries to take the guidelines provided, to enable the visualization of the goals of the project, for their benefit and sustainability. The AWLO BOT Chairperson; Chief Opral Benson, AWLO Secretary General; Barr. Emem Daniel, Magistrate Helen Umana; AWLO Akwa Ibom State Coordinator.

The project also Attracted Notable Women who emerged as Ambassadors of the project, and the AWLO Lagos Chapter Coordinator; Mrs Maureen Omeibe, assured the indigent Women that GCEP was conceptualized to specifically bring relief to the needing population of Grassroot Women resident in Lagos.Trading Support was given out to the Women.

A monitoring team on strategy and implementation was also set up to ensure that the beneficiaries are being guided through the process of starting their businesses. The AWLO Lagos Coordinator promised that a repeat of the GCEP project will take place in December 2017 and will be far more reaching.




USA Moments with Mr. President – Hon. Elisha Attai: Global Executive Council Support represented by Dr. Violet Arene & First Think-Tank Meeting with AWLO Houston Texas Executives

Every year the Founder of African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), Hon. Elisha Attai, takes on a working visit to the USA for two weeks; to stay-in-tune-with and track progress, to discuss and implement expansion, and also to interact with the leadership of the organization.

AWLO USA has been one of the proactive regions. During Hon. Elisha Attai’s work visit last year, he inaugurated 5 additional Chapters, and formidable ties were established between the organization and African embassies in the United States.

AWLO Chapters are spread across Continents to integrate Women of African Descent. AWLO creates engagement through chapters. We strategize for, and implement impact at the community level, and also coordinate and empower members for developmental projects at the community level through chapters.

This year the Founder hopes to amplify impact in the USA, to reinforce the vision among AWLO members, and also to track progress of infrastructures. One of the latest infrastructures of the organization has been the Youth Council, his visit is to further solidify this platform. He is also meeting with executives to re-strategize on gaining more grounds, and he hopes that this visit will inspire renewed zeal amongst members.

The AWLO leadership Structure is built to empower, and hone the leadership skills of team members. Hon. Elisha Attai hopes to instill the same passion as in himself, in leaders of the organization. It is in times like these he bonds with team members to ignite such zeal. He is known for his warmth in leadership.

His first stop has been Houston Texas, for the first think-tank meeting with the executives of the AWLO Houston Texas Chapter. In his Company has been the Global Youth Matron; Dr. Violet Arene, and were being received by the AWLO Houston Texas Coordinator; Mrs. Donna McGowan. Mr. President is optimistic that these will be times of inspiration.

AWLO ATLANTA MEETING L-R: Mrs Donna McGowan (Coordinator, Houston, Texas), Dr. Mrs. Violet Arene (AWLO Youth Matron), Hon. Elisha Attai (Founder/President)

Welcome Address by AWLO Founder/President, Hon. Elisha Attai at the 9th Edition of African Women in Leadership Conference 2017 in Ghana

It is my honor, privilege and pleasure to welcome you all, great African Women of Worth, to this year’s conference. I extend greetings from our regional offices worldwide, whose members are unable to be with us, for reasons which we well understand.

Today’s gathering evokes a deep and intense feeling of appreciation and gratitude to Almighty God. Many years ago, precisely in 2009, the African Women in Leadership Organization (AWLO), berthed in Ghana for the very first time on its maiden voyage at this same Hotel. It was then referred to as the West African Women in Leadership Conference (WAWLC).

As many of you know, we were young, filled with dreams, excited at the specter of new beginnings, totally blinded, but hopeful of the future. It is obvious and interesting to note that we have, along the way, shelved the limitations of a regional association to embrace the diversity presented amongst all women of African descent. AWLO welcomes change. AWLO drives change. AWLO thrives on change!

Why do I say blinded, you may ask? Who really, amongst humanity can lay claim to such powers of clairvoyance except the omnipotent, omniscience and omnipresent God who directs our paths? We have travelled these number of years guided, led, sustained and powered only by His mercies. We have set new precedents, traversed Continents and planted regional chapters across the shores of many countries. Wherever we’ve berthed, our focus has not deviated from our primary purpose of integrating, empowering and motivating African Women everywhere across the world; unleashing the power and inspiring greatness.

We salute our host country, Ghana; positioned on the threshold of fresh leadership under the newly elected President, Nana Akufo-Addo and his amiable wife, Her Excellency Rebecca Akufo-Addo, who kindly granted us audience and assured AWLO of not only attending the conference but accepted to open the gathering with a keynote address. Thank you, Your Excellency, for this singular honor and recognition.

Together, our focus on how women can actively play a part in economic diversification under a new economic and development agenda for Africa has become a driving compulsion of unwavering desire and steadfast hope. The future, a great one for African Women beckons as we write our names in the annals of history as initiators and drivers of positive change. More than ever before, for the sake of our youths and children, we need to lay a firmer, stronger and deeper foundation for the future that will encourage their potentials to be effectively and efficiently harnessed.

How do we unleash the latent power within us?
A favorite quote by Tim Fargo reminds us that, “Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities.” We all have a voice. We need to be heard. We need to overcome our fears, insecurities and the stereotypes that hold us back. Therein lies our power to inspire others to greatness. In marking this years United Nations International Women’s Day, the world heard the echoes of the theme, “#Be Bold For Change” on every lips. It was a call that struck deep inside my heart. I realized then, that greatness is actually a possibility that is fully explored.

Therefore, in choosing our theme for this conference, AWLO understands that “Unleashing the Power”, requires boldness; a steady affirmation of positive motive and confidence. It is courage dressed for purpose. It is a voice raised from inner belief to address change. Interestingly, AWLO had years ago, painfully realized that some women need to fight for this right; to find their authentic selves long buried underneath other people’s needs and societal stereotypes. This need for self expression remains the fulcrum of our mission, the underlying motivation for our vision, and the driving force of our goals.

How do we inspire greatness?
The truth is, in order to unleash the power, everyone deserves somebody who helps them look forward to tomorrow with courage and hope. Within someone else’s story of fear, struggle, doggedness, awakening and transformation that our speakers reveal during our conferences, life becomes a mirror whereby we can see clearly. When we listen to them, their experiences and challenges quickens, clarifies, illuminates and validates the path to choose for change in our career, business, leadership goals and plans for future growth and achievements. In this way, we become great assets to Africa, and indeed the world.

Looking ahead in excitement to next year, it gives me great honor to announce that AWLO will celebrate its decade long existence and achievements in the grand style that is typical of all our events. Together, we will mark the highlights, milestones and ideals that characterize our organization. We will light a torch of commendation for our partners, decorate our patrons and matrons, award medals of recognition to our state and regional coordinators, and applaud our members with accolades. May, the day come! I confess to being over excited already, just speaking about this.

I invite you all, dear delegates to enjoy the pleasure and history of this great country. Let her strengths summon your strength. Let her quest for transformation rouse yours. Let her conflicts unravel your conflicts. Let her resolutions call forth your hope. Let her journey in history unleash the power, and inspire the greatness within you all.

I thank you for your patience and kind audience.

Great African Women of Worth, I salute you!