African Women in Leadership Organisation always has a tasty dish to serve. On Thursday August 14, 2018, another mouth-watery leadership training was held, and this one was a richer moment served on a platter. It was a great time with a woman who is a master of leadership and self-development; Dr. Violet Arene. She is a Certified ‘Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ Trainer, an author of 17 books, a coach and mentor on several platforms and a high achiever who believes that people can attain a great level of leadership and maximize their full potentials. This particular meeting was about self-discovery and discipline, and she did an amazing work by practically taking everyone’s attention and mind to what discipline entails. Everything she mentioned during the training was not something one can hurriedly forget.

[Tweet “In your journey of leadership, you are either your enemy or your asset”]

Dr. Arene enlightened the house that the road to self-discovery is often very smooth but very few drive their wheels down it, and that self-discovery is like the first baby-step to self-leadership. It is a self-leadership prerequisite. In her words, “in your journey of leadership, you are either your enemy or your asset”. It only takes discipline and patience to know who you are, because you cannot do that in a hurry.

The air was filled with so much excitement. Every example and explanation Dr. Arene the facilitator gave was illuminating, practical and quite relatable. One of the attendees at the end of the meeting said “the class was very educational, the facilitator was humorous and she passed across the message of self-leadership and emotional intelligence efficiently and I saw it in a new light”

She went further to tell us that self- regulation thrives on the anatomies of discipline which she broke down to include; food, recreation, work, health and emotions or temperament. These anatomies do not just end here, there is more to it as they were further broken down. In other words, it is when you have gained mastery over these aspects, then you are on your way to really knowing who you are and to effectively leading yourself.

It became more interesting when she illustrated on a projector the anatomy of emotional hijacking, explaining to us the power of our amygdala and our thalamus. The amygdala is the part of our brain that controls our emotions, and times when we find ourselves doing several things which we later regret, we can blame it on our amygdala. While our thalamus on the other hand causes reason behind our actions. In other words, it prompts us to first think before acting. That was the peak of it and it was good to learn practically how to not let your emotions rule over you but rather, you should put it under submission to you and in your control.

Dr. Arene taught that as humans our three basic emotions are; either glad, mad or sad. She also said that bad temperament is a self-sabotage. So we must understand our emotions, and not stop at this alone, but being able to balance our emotional and thinking brain. She also said that discipline gives trust, good leadership and a level head. And when you have mastered the art of discipline and what exactly you should be a master to, that is when you become aware of who you are. That is self-discovery and it is the prerequisite of self-leadership.

The meeting was thrilling and refreshing. At the end of the meeting, everyone had something to say about how much they learnt, how they could relate to every example mentioned by the facilitator and how that they looked forward to putting to work everything they learnt and to future meetings.

Takeaways: The Power of Purpose Driven Leadership with Dr. Arene

Dr. Violet Arene is a bundle of Leadership Experience. Having successfully pioneered the Total Quality Management unit for Managers at NNPC, Arene now runs her personal consultancy, and has gone on to replicate such quality management trainings in other organizations such as Industrial and General Insurance (IGI), RCCG, and others.

At this Leaders hangout, in (events of ) AWLO Induction 2017, Dr. Violet Arene shares on the Power of Purpose Driven Leadership. These are some of the Takeaways from her session:

[Tweet “A woman in Leadership is still a woman. Retain your elegance and feminine charm.”]


Self-Leadership is the prerequisite for leadership because the first person you lead is you. You are the first person who will throw yourself down, and the first person to take you to the mountain top.


[Tweet “My value as a woman is not measured by the size of my waist, nor the number of men who like me.”]


My value as a woman is not measured by the size of my waist, nor the number of men who like me. It is measured by a Higher Purpose… it is something more sublime than just looking good for men.


[Tweet “A good heart and a good head are a perfect combination for leadership, and women have both.”]


Greatness is when you are about the greatness of other people. You do not become great by taking but by giving.


Character is the perfect criteria for Leadership. Africa is noted for irrelevant criteria such as Quota.


[Tweet “Team Leadership means ‘Win-Win’.”]


If you want to check the quality of Leadership in a place, check the quality of those being led.


But if you say politics is dirty, it is dirty Politics that produce the leaders that lead you. We cannot term Leadership as dirty.







Women Leader’s Code: ‘Women in Leadership Should Pray’ – Dr. Violet Arene

That was the spell, that should be the spell for women at work, and in leadership. Pray!!

– Dr. Violet Arene

Dr. Arene

I recall my last Executive Training before my retirement was to be at the Senior Executive Program (SEP), Columbia. It was already included in the pre-planned calendar for the year. However, on a second look at, prior to implementation, the cost appeared exorbitant to me. I wanted to save money for the organization, so I went to my boss.

I explained to him it was the time to start the process for my participation in that program, but that the cost was exorbitant to me. I told him I sourced for a cheaper program, and would like him to give me money for that cheaper one in order to save money. He looked at me, incisively, said to me “Did we already approve that course?” I said “yes, but…”

He cut in, “It stays!” He took the memo from me, and signed his priceless signature of approval. And jubilant, I left his office, thanking my God for the grace to have such an empathic Boss. “Did we approve it? Then it stays” It was music to my ears, still is!

When the Accounting Department processed my allowance for that big important, it was big. No one they said could understand why my boss was so favorable to me – a woman. What they did not understand was that I prayed everyday for my Boss.

[Tweet “Women that work at hot lofty offices should pray!”]

Women that work at hot lofty offices should pray! Pray for your Bosses, for yourself, and for the organization. I prayed for him, prayed for favor with God and with him. That was the spell, that should be the spell for women at work, and in leadership. Pray!!” – Dr. Violet Arene: Management Consultant, Women Enthusiast, and Leadership Coach.

[Tweet “Dr. Arene is a pioneer of Nigeria’ 6-3-3-4 System Policy, and other sustainable systems at NNPC.”]

Dr. Arene is a self-starter, and ground breaker. She founded numerous sustainable systems at National Corporations, and Public Sector in Nigeria. She is a pioneer of Nigeria’ 6-3-3-4 System Policy, and other sustainable systems at Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC; where she retired as GM. She is an Author of 21 Books, and first woman to pastor a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God.

Learn “The Power of Purpose Driven Leadership” and more from Dr. Violet Arene during her Leadership Workshop for Women Leaders at #AWLOInduction2017 on 15th December 2017.  Visit to see schedule and register.

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