In this month, we are deliberate about sisters lifting each other up. So, we asked women leaders to take an insightful Q and A, and pour out their heart to other women leaders about their Leadership journey. We took some profound notes from Dr. Karmetria Burton.

As a transformational leader, Dr. Karmetria Burton has worked in various strategic management level positions with national and international responsibility involving diversity and inclusion for such companies as Xerox, AT&T and IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) where she served as manager of supplier diversity.

Dr. Burton’s business acumen and empowerment techniques have harvested respect amongst her peers as she is a noted contributor on Business, Corporate, Diversity, Faith, Self-Improvement, Leadership and Empowerment.  Additionally, Dr. Burton has worked in academia instructing students on business, diversity, marketing and leadership courses. She is also the founder of The Paint Your Lips Red Movement. An empowerment campaign for women.

Dr. Burton

Here Is What She Said:

It’s Not About You as The Leader but More About the Results

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Praise and recognize your team. Understand your team’s strengths and know how to maximize and utilize them.

Never allow the position to become greater than the mission. As a leader it is important to always keep the goal in mind. Why are you there? It’s not about YOU as the leader, but more about the results.

Quit Taking It Personally

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QTIP – Quit taking it personally! Sometimes as women, we can get emotional, and take things personally. Very often it is never about YOU. It’s important to have strong emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Stay Feminine but Also Keep Your Edge

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As a woman leader we often can lose our femininity. Stay feminine but also keep your edge. When I have executive meetings I usually wear peals or a flower; which shows I’m a “feminine” leader in charge. Keep your edge by remaining vocal when necessary and provide a solution to the situation.

Associate with Men as Well

Be associated with MEN as well. Often as women leaders we gravitate to other women, because we are comfortable. In reality men are in key decision-making positions too. Don’t be afraid to have male mentors.

Always Do Business Ethically

Always do business ethically. Be a credible leader. Your brand is important.