African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) is the premier organization for women and young women of African descent, for changing the narrative and building capacity of African Women in Leadership through Networking, Experiential Leadership Development and Social Impact. We are an international not-for-profit with chapters and youth councils in 10 African Countries. existing as a 501(c) organization under the federal laws of the United States of America, aligned to the United Nations Global Compact and currently springing in the United Kingdom.

[Tweet “For AWLO, Leadership is recognizing your potential, believing in it, and attaining it.”]

Here are our four call-to-actions to women of African descent: Learn, Connect, Attain Potential, and Make Impact. 

We are concerned about the African Woman’s full journey to attain leadership. A usual misconception is that leadership is reserved only for those in leadership positions. For AWLO, Leadership means recognizing your potential, believing in it, and staying committed to attain it.

It is true that leadership is applicable to both men and women, however AWLO sticks to adding value to women. We have identified unique needs for women, to fill the gap of women representation in leadership. To achieve this, here is a leadership journey we have mapped out for women.


Leaders are life-long Learners

AWLO has been instrumental in creating diverse learning experiences for women. While we are canvassing for maximum women representation in leadership, we have to build capacity for such roles. The best empowerment tool is knowledge; in theory and experience.

AWLO’s core competency is Leadership development, and is creating learning opportunities through capacity building events, and even more sustainable value through a membership system.

We created a leadership consultancy module for executives and management; teaming up with management consultancy institutions to provide leadership solutions, and live our imprint of effective leadership at organizational levels.

Our AWLO Youth Council is our lifeline to sustainable leadership; to nurture a formidable foundation. The Youth Council offers an incubator for young people. It provides opportunities and capacity building in entrepreneurship, leadership, education, and character-excellence.


We are sticklers for support systems. AWLO Chapters worldwide are effective support systems for women in leadership to harness for their growth and relevance. We believe that the ladder to climb to the top is a supportive network.

Since joining AWLO, I have learnt what service to humanity really means. In AWLO, I have met women who are selfless and that gives me hope for humanity. – Zannie Odoko, Member AWLO Rivers Chapter


AWLO is an experience for women and young women to tap into their potential. Women can only lead at their best. We are creating opportunities, resources, expert advice, and everything with that one goal in mind.

AWLO vision is a world in which women take their rightful place as home and nation builders with opportunities and equal access in all areas



This completes the leadership cycle – making impact, hence our experiential leadership development method. The Chapter system gives members leverage to undertake community development. We  believe it is of necessity to integrate a give-back model where leaders can devise ways to impact their community.

AWLO is imparting ‘servant leadership’ to our chapters, thereby building an army of impactful leaders in various communities. Even up to the youth council level, young women are encouraged to add value to their communities in tangible ways no matter how small.

This year following our theme; Creating Transgenerational Impact through Innovative Leadership, youth council members are encouraged to found iLEAD Clubs in schools in their community. AWLO’s iLEAD is a model of backwards integration in leadership development up to secondary school level where beneficiaries are taught self-leadership and social responsibility.