Nathalie Nicole Smith is a beauty and wellness maven who has spent the last seven years building a powerhouse brand that caters to the needs of women mentally, physically and spiritually.

A graduate of Howard University and a 93.9 WKYS “Top 30 Under 30” honoree, she is the founder of a non-profit organization called, Women Who Boss, and a beauty and wellness company, called PlushRx.

A National Director with Total Life Changes, she has received numerous awards as a top-earner in the business. She recently is expanding her efforts into Africa where her project 1KWomen has a goal to encourage and support 1000 women to become financially free internationally.

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Two habits that keep you grounded as a Leader

Number one, I am always believing. The second habit is hard work. When you believe and work hard nothing is impossible. When trials and tribulation occur God always works it out. Belief and hard work beats talent for you to keep persevering.

One Experience in My Life that Shaped your Leadership Journey

Opening up a store at 23 shaped my leadership journey. It taught me how to influence, manage and support others. Working with individuals older and younger gave me the ability to build mental toughness and patience with different walks of life.

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One Lesson that Women in Leadership can Learn from Me

Real business should not be affected by your emotional state of mind. Women are known to go through a lot of different emotional ranges. When one masters their feelings, their business will grow.

The Type of Association Crucial to a Woman in Leadership’s Personal Growth

Effective leaders surround themselves with positive people. When you are connected to those that share the same perspective, standard and character traits as you, you will prosper.

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One Mistake that a Leader Must not Make

Never be unintentional. Effective leaders have to be intentional. You have to see the end now and cast a vision for others to follow.