There is no one-size-fits-all in mentorship. Some are formal within organizations or mentors in the field. Others are informal relationships that are unique but reliable in fostering personal growth.
Peer mentoring is a form of mentorship between a person with a specific relevant experience – the mentor, and a person new to that experience – the mentee, within the same peer group. The mentor provides support, coaching, and refers relevant opportunities to the mentee.

For instance, I find that my relationship with my sister is useful to my career experience. Using Transferable knowledge in one career for the other is a product of mentoring from a supportive sister.

This kind of informal mentorship is also useful in making health and life style changes. For instance, AWLO creates an opportunity for like minds to meet, and foster supportive relationships. Making yourself accountable to a supportive peer, is powerful in influencing your decisions. They can help you reach your goals, and challenge you with new ideas. They encourage you to move beyond comfort zones. Peer mentors are picked for their sensitivity, confidence, social skills and reliability.


When You are Picking a Peer-Mentor:

Know yourself

[Tweet “Don’t let another person’s opinion define you.”]

Defining yourself sets the tone for the relationship already. Who are you? What are your views? What are your interests? Set the tone already. Don’t let another person’s opinion define you. Know who you are, and let the people in your life support you to bring out the best in you.

Consider your Options

[Tweet “When there is conflict of values, relationships become draining”]

A peer mentor must have experience and knowledge relevant to you. You want to find shared goals, and mindset. When there is conflict of values, such relationships become draining. You must find it inspiring, and let it allow you to be free. Be free to air your opinions, and make honest mistakes. Let it become the ground for you to grow, and learn in a supportive environment.

Making a decision

[Tweet “Position people in your life who can stand up for who you are.”]

Writing down the options in mentors, whom you are considering, will allow you to examine the possibilities simultaneously and also judge the values and condition of each options potential. Relationships among peers have the most potential in influencing an individual’s core values and essence. Don’t allow yourself be pulled down or shadowed by other’s shine. Stand up for who you are, and be able to position people in your life who can stand up for who you are.