In this month, we are deliberate about sisters lifting each other up. So, we asked women leaders to take an insightful Q and A, and pour out their heart to other women leaders about their Leadership journey. You will find some inspiration and takeaways from Ajoke Enebeli.

Ajoke Hepzibah Enebeli is an entrepreneur who’s founded a culinary business in Nigeria, and is currently expanding to America. She graduated from The Enterprise Development Center of the Pan Atlantic University, in addition to studying Strategic Management and Social Entrepreneurship. She has over 15 years leadership experience in public management. She also has spearheaded several development work initiatives for women. Mrs. Enebeli is currently the Coordinator of Rivers State Chapter of African Women in Leadership Organisation, and a member of Institute of Strategic Management Nigeria.

She prides in two habits that keep her grounded as a leader. ‘Perfection and performance’. “I have a natural flair for perfection and my friends from way back called me ‘miss perfect’. I was almost a critic but advancing in age and in life, I have understood the true meaning of tolerance; giving people the benefit of the doubt and giving room for errors in my walk with people”.

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Enebeli’s work as the head of administration at the joint administration and matriculations Board JAMB is the one leadership experience that has shaped her. She says;

I worked with a dynamic, experienced, and seasoned administrator who taught me how to dot every ‘I’ and cross all ‘t’s. One who believed in excellence and nothing short of it.

Given my passion for growth and pursuit of knowledge, I was closest to her thereby imbibing and absorbing all she had within.

In her absence I stood in and ensured there was no vacuum, I represented her on official assignments too.

My Boss is now amazingly is one of my chapter members and supporters. A woman who now looks up to me her former subordinate, now AWLO Chapter Coordinator and leader. Here I must say is the case of praying that our children be greater than we are. She is a mentor, mother, and leader with results and evidence, – me!

She mentored me in Administration, unknown to her she was sending me forth to active leadership. She trusted me with almost everything even to the home-front. I became part of her family and friends. I speak of a grand-mother of about eight grand-children.

I could write memos and letters on her behalf, proof read and edited her papers for presentation and signed documents on her behalf as the then zonal Coordinator of JAMB River State Nigeria.

When she was on leave or official assignments, I was the next administrative head to handle the office, not just for fondness sake but because of competence and delivery. I would carry everyone along and give succor to fellow staff.

Suffice it to say that I am a born leader who needed the inspiration of a born leader to get me out to the world. Doing what I know to do best; to gather, lead, care, and mentor the less-privileged in our society.

If you would permit, I speak of no other Woman Of Worth but Mrs. Beatrice Etta -Inyiam, the South-South Coordinator of The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board ( JAMB).

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Here are 3 lessons Ajoke leaves us with:

One lesson that women in leadership can learn from Ajoke Enebeli

Move on, don’t stop, keep moving and never let anything stop you from moving on

What type of association is crucial to a woman leader’s personal growth

A purposeful and goal-oriented association

One Mistake that every Leader must not make

As a leader, do not expect everyone to love, applaud and affirm you all the time.