African Women in Leadership Organisation’s vision is founded on leadership development for women of African descent. We are preparing women leaders for leadership through an experiential Leadership development in AWLO Chapters. We believe that women are capable of initiating action, and mobilizing resources and people to create change for their community.

[Tweet “Being a woman is not an alibi.”]

To us, being a woman is not an alibi. Not that the sincere out-cry of those abused and disadvantaged should be overlooked or that discrimination against women should be ignored, but we are deliberately creating a new crop of women leaders who take responsibility for the change they want to see.


AWLO Rivers State Chapter in Nigeria created opportunities for young women to learn professional catering

How is AWLO doing it?

Through Building Relationships for Productivity

[Tweet “We are for women taking initiative and forming teams to proffer solutions”]

We are for women taking initiative and forming teams to proffer solutions. The essence is to provide access to relevant networks, and form a competitive work-force.

A chapter of AWLO is like an ecosystem; a work-force for impact. Through chapters we are creating development initiatives. This is a platform for finding coherence and shared goals, to deliver value.

A Chapter is led by a coordinator, who collaborates with her team to strategize on possible actions in alignment with the organisational theme.

Leadership Experience

[Tweet “An AWLO chapter is a leadership-tailored program for women”]

A chapter is a leadership-tailored program. For women to experience and gain transferable leadership skills. Skills such as taking initiative, team work, structuring, how to convene meetings, project management, and others. We are deliberately creating avenues for more functional leaders to emerge through a chapter structure, and changing the narrative of women not being great team mates.

Personal Development

[Tweet “It is self-leadership first; a leader who goes the way, shows the way.”]

This is all  we are gunning for. To help women leaders become better people. For us it is self-leadership first, because a leader who goes the way, shows the way. This experience helps women to improve their network, learn transferable skills to scale in their various works of life, and attain their full potential.