Jack Canfield said: “make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing and uplifting people. people who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams and applaud your victories”

As individuals, it is very important to be aware of how the different choices we make affect us. How intentional are you with your choices? The relationships you build? Do they serve a purpose? There is power in intentional relationships.

What is an intentional relationship? The word intentional means something done consciously or something done with a purpose in mind. That being said, we can deduce that intentional relationships mean consciously connecting with people or a group of people for a purpose.

We should be able to ask and answer certain questions like; are the relationships we have productive? Are we able to gain values that are essential to us? How does it help our leadership journey?  The ability to ‘intentionally’ surround ourselves with individuals who add value to our life is very important. In this era, valuable and productive friendships are important as people do not have time for frivolities. The world is moving in a direction where people connect based on productivity and values.

So, we have to be conscious in building relationships. Can person X influence our life positively? What is the gain in connecting with group Y? These are questions to ask ourselves in connecting with people. As leaders, it is important to know that we can no longer afford to have trivial and mundane relationships for insignificant talk, and rather be intentional, knowing that every person or group that we connect with, our personal growth is foremost. You have to be able to tell yourself that you want to gain something positive out of that relationship. Your time is too precious.

Leveraging AWLO for Intentional Relationships

What is AWLO?

AWLO brings together female professionals, executives and leaders to further advance their leadership status.

Being a member of AWLO

This gives women the opportunity to experience leadership, connect with like-minds and have relationships with focused and goal-oriented women. It is aimed at women attaining their highest potential and making an impact in the society.

AWLO Forums

Through yearly conferences women get to meet and network. One of AWLO’s objectives is to create a platform for unity, solidarity, cohesion, dialogue and networking among women. It is at this time that resolutions are formed to change the narrative of women-leadership for women of African Descent.

AWLO is for Self-Development

This is why AWLO is great for intentional relationships, because it networks women who are geared in the same direction. Through our Chapters, AWLO gives women the chance to set and achieve goals together. It also enables women to form networks which are useful to their personal ambitions.

The Power of Intentional Relationships

As a leader, being surrounded by people who match your level of ambition is important. You can’t expect to be surrounded by mediocre people, and be great. Remember, great minds think alike! Intentionally create relationships to inspire and push you to be your absolute best.  Individuals who can support you, people who encourage you when the chips are low, people that in general create positive impact in your life. Let your relationships offer value, and serve a purpose.