Out, Through and In – A 2018 New Year Message from the Founder/President

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It is a New Year!
We have been led OUT!
We have passed THROUGH!!
We have been brought IN!!!

As adults, we often reminisce about the idyllic days of our youth. Those days where we did not have a care in the world; a time when responsibilities hadn’t begun to take up permanent residence on our shoulders. In hindsight, our youth seem to be synonymous with a carefree time of our lives. But you’ll think otherwise when you take off the rose-tinted glasses.

When we think of the unfolding journey of our lives, how life has shaped us individually and collectively as an organization, we focus on how we have passed through the process of personal growth. This changing and evolving process, clearly, has involved us getting firmly established in our identities; and the three words we need to know are: OUT, THROUGH, and IN. This is exactly what God did for the Nation of Israel in Biblical times. And is a picture of what He continuously does for us in modern times.

Daily, we observe from hindsight the path of our past, meandering through different situations and circumstances of life, maturing in our ideals and expectations. Today, we find ourselves, through no power or abilities of our own, witnessing and welcoming the dawn of another brand new year. Undoubtedly, God has led us into this new year for a greater purpose and manifestation of the plans laid out for the good of humanity. Just as it was symbolical in Egypt, calling out the Isreaelites, because He had a better future for them.

Today, African Women in Leadership Organization (AWLO) welcomes you to a fortuitous brand new year with enthusiasm, energy, and readiness to move mountains. I believe God has called us OUT of the past year 2017, THROUGH our myriad ups and downs, our backs and forths’, our highs and lows, our rise and falls, and our kicks and starts; to begin an IN journey towards the future.

Thus in recognizing the message of the year, we begin unraveling a series of IN’s in our daily striving. Let’s have an In-depth knowledge of our purpose, an Insight into our dreams, for an Influx of ideas, with an Intense debate of issues, leading to an Infuse of awareness to our Input and Interest.

We shall not be held back by Invalid attempts to Interrupt our Interplay as we move towards the milestone of our 10th Anniversary!! There, I said it! African Women in Leadership Organization AWLO has come a full cycle! A Decade! A decade of Innovative leadership, a decade of Interesting accomplishments, and a flourishing decade of outstanding Ingenuity as we Increasingly Inspire and Inform! AWLO has impacted positively on the world, through our most valuable assets; The Great African Women of Worth!

Let’s have the resolve that our expectations, our loyalty, our dreams will not fizzle out quickly in premature display of doubts. Let’s see 2018 for what it is. An unblemished chapter in the  annals of unfolding seasons: awaiting the imprints of our stories, thirsty for the Inflow of our energies, and hungry for the enduring dreams of our heart. Together, with our partners worldwide, we move forward in singleminded pursuit of our dreams and vision.

Let’s be totally honest with the year.  Let’s not burden it with the failings of our past, and not endanger it, with the frustrations of our doubts. Let us bestow upon the year, the status it merits and deserves; a newness of hope, the freshness of dreams, the absoluteness of faith, the auspiciousness of a new beginning and the decisiveness of time and seasons.

It is in this display of exuberant gratitude and joyous thankfulness that I, on behalf of all the Chapters, Regions, Members and Staff of AWLO; bid you all a very prosperous and Happy New Year! I believe that God is going to continue to show His greatness to us all in new ways in 2018.

Let us create transgenerational impact through innovative leadership.


Dr. Elisha Attai
President/Founder – AWLO

Dr. Elisha Attai is a media, communications and public relations practitioner and publisher.
A strong advocate for the development and advancement of the African woman, he is the President/Founder of the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) and the initiator/organiser of the famed African Women in Leadership Conference (AWLC), a global movement of Women of African descent changing the narratives of leadership in the world.

AWLC ATLANTA 2017 – A note from the Founder

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African Women in Leadership Organisation Conference to me, is a legacy and a vision. We weren’t always here, but we’ve always known where we are going.

African Women in Leadership Conference (AWLC) started in 2009, at Ghana, as a converge seeking to bring African women together to drive leadership. It started as West African Women in Leadership Conference, and has grown to include women leaders of African Descent in the Diaspora, and hosted them for the 4th year now in USA.

This year’s African Women in Leadership Diaspora Conference, AWLC Atlanta 2017 was not only a homecoming (being an honorary citizen of Georgia), but another conference journey. Doing it now for the fourth time, I can say that most of the journey is predictable, even though every year has its peak-point, and I am dying to see each year’s.

This year, I had the honor of receiving the award of an Honorary Doctorate degree (PhD), from Global Oved Dei Seminary & University during the Conference. I see it as a token for my commitment to gender-parity.

Collaborating with my most valued USA team led by Emelia Orubele and the entire Global Executive Council,  for this event has been a delight, and an inevitable juggle. A Juggle between time zones; having to be present in two places at a time, thank God technology works wonders. I have lost sleep having to work round the clock, but I have never looked back.

We had a face-to-face meeting earlier in the planning, to select date and venue. Since then it has been a back-and-forth collaboration between the USA team, and my team at the International Headquarters in Nigeria. I only got back to America few weeks to the conference for finishing touches.

I will describe this as a journey of highs and lows. The highs have been the successes, and the lows came when the successes were delayed or differed from our expectation, but we haven’t been short of our goals.

Our partners remained committed to delivering, and our facilitators brought in fantastic zeal. I could catch the excitement on the faces of our delegates during the incredible performances; like the talented Obus and Prodigy’, their anxiety to look around our exhibition stands, and how they were participative during conference sessions. I would say we were shooting for the moon, and landed among the stars.

Gender parity can not be achieved without the collective efforts of both sexes. I’m grateful for the roles Mr. Ubong King, Dr. Thomas Mensah, and Mr. Idee Okpok played in this conference – a sign that Gender Parity is indeed possible. I call them the real ‘He-for-She’.

AWLC Atlanta 2017 opened on Thursday 24th August 2017 with an African Fashion Show and Cocktail, featuring networking, and meet and greets, with some prominent African/American Leaders like Senator Donzella James our Chief Host, Ambassador Andrew Young and his wife Carolyn, Chief Opral Benson, H.E Professor Uche Azikiwe (Wife of the First President of Nigeria), H.E Sarah-Elizabeth Reed (Wife of the Mayor of Atlanta), Dr. Gloria Herndon, Dr. Violet Arene, Julie Donli (DG-NAPTIP), Professor UduakObong Archibong (Bradford University- UK) . Local business leaders and young entrepreneurs. were also amongst the invited guest.

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights partnered with Tiskies, a Contemporary African fashion collection for women designed and made in Nigeria by Abiola Aluko to make the evening colorful.

In these high African spirits, we were ushered into the next day’s sessions of paper presentations, panel sessions, workshop, networking, entertainment, and exhibitions. Day 2 was a two-part event and wrapped-up in a Gala and Awards evening and launch of AWLO USA Headquarters in Atlanta.

Dr. Karmetria Burton, Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks, Princess Dr. Moradeun A. Ogulana, Ph.D, MPH, Sele May Aso, Sheila Robinson and Donna McGowan made this event a beautiful rainbow that it is with their various awesome colours and speeches.

We concluded African Women in Leadership Diaspora Conference 2017 in a gettogether event hosted by the wife of the Consulate General of Nigeria in Atlanta, Mrs. Idowu Laro.

Like I said earlier, AWLC to me is a legacy. A converge with an African flavor, in the spirit of gender parity and development, to see to the emergence of effective female leadership. I believe it is history being made every year, and I am humbled to be leading this movement.

Dr. Elisha Attai is a media, communications and public relations practitioner and publisher.
A strong advocate for the development and advancement of the African woman, he is the President/Founder of the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) and the initiator/organiser of the famed African Women in Leadership Conference (AWLC), a global movement of Women of African descent changing the narratives of leadership in the world.