In a world of steaming male presence and accomplishments, emerges a defiant and heroic warrior princess; Naisula Lesuuda. She is a direct comparison to the Greek heroic warrior princess Xena. In the case of Naisula, not with sword but with  her voice and heroic deeds.


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Hon. Naisula Lesuuda was born in Samburu on the 30th of April 1984. She worked as a high-profile, national journalist for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) where she worked as a news anchor, reporter and host of Good Morning Kenya.
Naisula Lesuuda became the youngest serving Kenyan Senator in 2013. She also successfully ran for a parliamentary seat in 2017 to become the first Samburu woman to win a seat, and is currently an elected member of parliament.

Here are Interesting facts about the Kenyan Warrior Princess:

Her interesting approach to peace Advocacy

Naisula Lesuuda is a founding member of the Peace Caravan, an initiative to advocate peace throughout her country by collecting and broadcasting peace-related news, lobbying and visiting conflicting communities.

An Entrepreneur creating opportunities for the Next Generation

The Kenyan warrior princess is also an entrepreneur, who runs a media consultancy firm and works as a trainer and workshop facilitator hereby creating job opportunities and empowering young journalists and aspiring media personals.

Left a job for a fulfilling Cause

Naisula is known for her unmatched activism as she advocates for women’s right in Kenya. She is the founder of Naisula Lesuuda Peace Foundations which advocates for girls’ education, and eradication of female genital mutilation and child marriage.

An Outstanding Honoree

As a way of rewarding her heroic deeds and her work with these organizations led to her becoming the youngest Kenyan woman to win the presidential Order of the Grand Warrior and the International Labour Organisation Wedge Award for Outstanding Professional Woman, in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Her Favorite Quote is about ‘Death’

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The warrior princess’ favorite quote is “death is a reminder that our days are numbered so we must give our best”

There is no doubt that Naisula Lesuuda’s drive for excellence continues to steer the wheels for matchless state services to the Kenyan populace especially in representing the Samburu county both as a senator, humanitarian, entrepreneur and human right activist.

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