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Cina Lawson is a Togolese politician and popularly known as the Minister of Posts and Digital Economy for the Republic of Togo. Lawson began her career at the World Bank, where she worked on telecom restructuring projects in developing countries focusing on regulatory reforms from 1998 to 2000.

Facts about Cina Lawson:

 Her Career Path

Cina Lawson is a Togolese politician and Minister of Posts and Digital Economy. She served as a minister consecutively since September 17, 2013 in the second government of Kwesi Ahoomey-Zunu and former Minister of Posts and Telecommunications on May 28, 2010 in the Government of the Prime Minister Minister Gilbert Houngbo, then the first government of Kwesi Ahoomey-Zunu (July 19, 2013).

She was Manager of Corporate Strategy and Business Development for Orange Business Services from 2005 to 2010.

 As a government minister Lawson is currently overseeing the tendering process for a third mobile phone company to operate in Togo.

 Cina Lawson: Awards and Rewards

In March 2012, she was named “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum and ranked among the “20 Most Influential Young Women in Africa” ​​according to Forbes magazine. In May 2013, she was one of the “25 most influential women in business in Africa” ​​according to the journal Jeune Afrique.

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