Celebrating AWLO Youth Council at One

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A whooping one year has gone by since the launch of AWLO Youth Council. In the last one year, AWLO has put in place a well-structured and feasible organisational chart towards maintaining global best practice.

Since inception, there has been a remarkable turnout of members. AWLO Youth Council started as the organisation’s means of reaching out to raise the next generation leaders. AWLO is known for its impact on women leaders of African descent however in order to outlive itself, it has made provisions for generations after, to emulate and imbibe.

In the spirit of commemorating our Youth Council at one year, different chapters of AWLO Youth Council organised a mentorship forum to mark this day.

It was such an interesting time; as interactive discussions took place with focus on mentorship,being one of AWLO’s goals as we pass the baton to the younger generation is to have accomplished women leaders mentor young women.

We had our mentors speak on impactful topics on time management, managing emotions, managing priorities, advancing relationships, and others. This insightful session which was dubbed ‘Conversations with my Younger Self’, left the young women filled with ideas to blaze a trail and become who they really aspire to be with no form of encumbrance.

The Forum was filled with brain storming sessions , a one-on-one mentor-mentee sessions while mentors also selected mentees for a one-year period.

The mentees had this to say:

After the programme I had to check my life again, evaluate my life and made a new checklist as a guide to my daily activities. I make sure I follow my priorities as I have written on my check list. I also asked myself questions and really check myself before I wrote them down. By DEC this year I will check my progress so far.
– Mercy (Rivers State Chapter).

The program really made an impact in my life. Especially in the area of coaching; for you to be successful you need a coach and your coach is not someone you admire from a distance. He/she must be someone you have access to guide you, some that you can confide in, and someone that has the qualities that you need.
– Lilian.

The programme was very informative and I learnt a whole lot to improve my life and my business.
– Marvellous.

Conversations with my Younger Self was an eye-opener. I learnt to manage my time properly and prioritize effectively so that I could be more efficient in my life and in my business. I also learnt a lot about personal life. It was so refreshing and inspiring to meet successful older women who had gone through the stages that we younger women are currently experiencing.
– Chimdi.

The youth council anniversary/ mentorship forum held on Saturday the 28th October 2017, was an interactive forum to learn. I was privileged to have attended the programs. Issues discussed ranged from managing your time, priorities, energy, thoughts, words and personal life. It was an avenue for knowledge addition as we learnt how to strike a balance between work and personal life, the value of time and knowing your capabilities as an individual. I have learnt that as a young woman of worth when I organize myself it helps me keep to timing and understand that when I don’t keep to time, people lose value for me.
– Gladys Ohaba.

Also, there’s nothing wrong in delegating responsibilities, WOW Esther Asipa rightly said that when you delegate you are improving someone’s life while improving yours (so you don’t break down). We are encouraged to let our emotions translate what we do, create an atmosphere of positivity and exert self-control.

Ultimately all mentors around agreed that to be the best you can be and be successful we as individuals must be disciplined, set out our priorities and work diligently and committedly towards achieving set priorities.

The youth anniversary/ mentorship forum was a time well spent and am so glad to be a part of the ALWO community even as we move forward to making great impact in our generation building up women of worth and showcasing to the world based on standards, who a leader is.

Youth Council is already looking forward to its second anniversary, and more bright plans are on the way. Here is to thanking God for a successful one year.

Benson Imoh,ST is an Avant-garde Storyteller, Digital Artist, Coder & Experience Designer. He blends technology and arts to creatively and efficiently solve problems. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at the African Women in Leadership Organisation.