For the first time, Liberia now has a female Vice President; Senator Jewel Taylor. Senator Jewel Taylor remains a voice for the people of Liberia, with more than 18 years dedication to both the private and public sector leadership.

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Taylor says she is given to waking up daily with a renewed determination to serve. “As a politician, service to country and people has a transformational impact on those we serve. So, working with and for our people, transforming lives, lending a helping hand… are those things that make me wake up each morning with a renewed determination to stay on course.”

After serving a second nine-year term as a Senator, she has emerged the first female Vice President to Senator-Ambassador George Manneh Weah, under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Party, an assignment she believes has broken another glass ceiling in political history.

Senator Jewel Taylor grew up with her loving parents who died in service to the people of the Bong County, and their visible influence can be seen in Taylor’s dedication to serving her people. Becoming the First Lady of Liberia when her husband Charles Ghankay Taylor became president was a chance to become involved in the leadership of Liberia.

“During the time, I succeeded in the creation and successful implementation of the National Emergency Task Force which provided medical and humanitarian support to displaced citizens across the Country, especially women and girls; and also organized a Foundation for Girls education which catered to under privileged destitute girls. I was also involved in many other educational and health care projects across the Nation.”

After Contesting in the post conflict elections and was overwhelmingly elected as Senior Senator of Bong County, Liberia’s second most populated county, she began pushing for women empowerment. “I have served as Chairperson of the Women Legislative Caucus of Liberia. In this capacity, I have been a staunch advocate of women’s empowerment and have proffered for passage into Law several pieces of Legislation in support of women empowerment including an Affirmative Action Act for fair participation in politics and National Governance and the Domestic Violence Act.”

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As a Senator, Jewel Taylor has continued to distinguish herself in leadership, and the people of Liberia have believed in her to give her A chance for the umpteenth time to serve them. “I feel blessed that I have distinguished myself in my service to community, church and country… I’m a vessel for positive change in my society.”

She shared about her compelling leadership attributes. “Charisma; that compelling charm which inspires devotion in others – that force of personality and strength of character which is an undying source of inspiration to many others, as well as the gift of perseverance, that endurance to carry on in the midst of life’s vicissitudes and challenges; that indefatigable spirit, diligence and commitment.”

She is a visible believer in women’s equity. This is her message to women “We must continue the struggle for women’s political and economic empowerment, until no one is left behind. And until women’s participation becomes common place in the governance structure of all Nations. This is still our task. Let us continue the forward march, for we still have many more miles to cover before we can rest.”

Senator Jewel Taylor’s commitment to Women development is being recognized by International Communities such as ECOWAS. She also currently sits on the board of African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO).

She has been conferred on Liberia’s highest honor as Knight Great Dame, Order of the Most Venerable Order of the Pioneers in 2005; granted to her by Former President Charles G. Taylor for her service to the Nation as the 21st First Lady of Liberia.

She is the First Female to be given the Distinguished Traditional Title of Venerable Chief in the National Traditional Council of Liberia in 2011,  a Chieftain title conferred on her by Traditional Chiefs and Elders of Bong County for her role in sponsoring the a bill which created the National Traditional Council of Liberia; and in full recognition of her exemplary Services to the people of Bong, yea Liberia.