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The life of an AWLO Member: Leku Slyvie Nakou

  • Give us a detailed biography about yourself stating what you do, the challenges faced and success stories

I am Leku Slyvie Nakou, a passionate volunteer whose assignment on earth is to ensure love and harmony through listen to the plights of her community and looking for possible ways to solve them, Also an agripreneur who is out to solve the problem of unemployment and to boost the economy of my country through empowering women, girls, and farmers. I faced so many challenges because my community didn’t believe in me and what I could do as a woman living with a disability. Yet I didn’t give up on the vision. I would walk from door to door rendering my service either to help make manure out of their waste as HYSACAM (a company that collects waste) was not coming in our community yet. Moreover, they would refuse. I would organize free training on waste management, some on food transformation and inform them but no one would show up. Nevertheless, my brains kept on working and I decided to invite the youths for an educative talk and few of them came. But I said to myself ”Sylvie this is the beginning of greater achievement”. And I have been able to organize training, talks to empower the youths and women.

Leku Slyvie Nakou, Member of the AWLO Youth Council Cameroon
  • Do you have a morning routine? Tell us about it.

Every morning, I always do my morning devotion, immediately after it I plan my day and I arrange my bed and take a bath, set to confront any vibes during the day because I’m well-armed.

  • What is the favorite part of your routine?

I love my morning devotion because it inspires me to plan my day and it helps me accomplish whatever I had planned to do.

  • What are your personal mission and vision statement?

My mission is to educate youths especially young girls to have a patriotic spirit and self-value. My vision is to create a world of equity where women especially those living with disabilities are no longer relegated at the periphery but they have equal opportunities as theirs of men, can speak without any prejudice, and their rights are respected.

  • What is your typical day like?

My typical day is putting a smile on someone’s face and giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

  • Mention 2 people you spend time with on most days and why?

My Mum Florence and my best friend Flora, they are always ready to listen to me without judging me. And they always make me surpass all oaths and limits because they always support and trust that I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.

My Mummy and I
  • Where is your favorite/ inspirational place? Why?

When I’m standing in front of the mirror. When I see who I am and the great potentials I have, I always say to myself

“I need to impact the world”.

  • Would you say you have become more empowered since you joined AWLO and how

Yes, I have, AWLO teaches something new every day and when I apply it to my life, it makes me more empowered and stronger. For instance, AWLO is the first women-led organization where men are not left behind, but instead, we work hand in glove with them, and this has helped me in my activities.

  • What is your personal contribution towards closing the gender equality gap?

I’m also working with youths because I believe that boys and girls need to be cautious and be aware of their social responsibilities so as to see the role they have to play in each other’s life

  • Who is our favorite colleague member and why?

Kim Farrelle, She is always available when I need and she also loves what I’m doing and encourages and gives me advice as well.

  • Favorite book and why?

“Afrika Ba’a” by Remy Gilbert Medou, I love this book because it shows that we have the power to change the world if we stop blaming others and start to build what we want to see in the world.

My favorite book
  • What have you done that you are most proud of?

I’m proud of assisting women and girls with information about their health and helping them with business ideas for the sustainability of their livelihood.

The African Women in Leadership Organisation set to inaugurate AWLO Ikot Ekpene Chapter

The African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) is set to inaugurate the AWLO Ikot Ekepene Chapter on 3rd October 2020, at the Martha Udom Emmanuel Women Development Center Ikot Ekpene.

African Women in Leadership Organisation started as West African Women in Leadership Conference at Accra Ghana in 2009. It has gained a continent wide adoption, since the 2010 African Women in Leadership Conference held in Abuja. Where women conferees reached a resolution; to send a strong delegation to the national offices of the political parties, and use the national women rally on 21-22 June 2010 to make a strong point for the enforcement for the 35% Affirmative Action for Women.

In the past 10 years, the organization has continued its women’s leadership advocacy. Through the bi-annual African Women in Leadership Conference held in Africa and the Disapora. In 2015, the AWLO Chapters framework began, to provide a structure to reach women locally for leadership development.

As the heartbeat of AWLO, a chapter is a support system- women building networks. The AWLO Founder, Dr. Elisha Attai often recounts the history of AWLO,

“As I was going about my business of media as a Consultant and Content Producer for Mnet I spotted a rare need for women to be instrumental to each other’s success, as a means to attain leadership.I looked around me at board meetings and they were only a handful of women. More glaring to me, was the fact that the women who made it through the door were only committed to keeping those behind the door there. I think for once it didn’t occur to them that success was a function of building networks and support systems. A habit for the men.”

In addition to providing a support system, AWLO provides members with capacity building programs, opportunities to take the lead and be the change in their community, and positions women for global relevance. It creates a global bridge to global stakeholders, and fosters inclusive decision making, and actions towards gender equality. As a support system, AWLO serves as the bridge to the next generation with the Youth Council (youth wing of a chapter) as a mechanism for leadership succession planning.

“The African Women in Leadership Organisation is my legacy, for the women”. say AWLO Founder; Dr. Elisha Attai. As he takes a new Chapter to his hometown, Ikot Ekpene, he will be joined by Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel; the First Lady of Akwa Ibom State (Mother of the Day). AWLO Ikot Ekepene Chapter becomes the second in Akwa Ibom State, making it the first State to have two Chapters.

Other dignitaries who will be attending are Mrs. Mfon Usoro; Secretary General, Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control for West and Central African Union, Guy Murray Bruce; President, Silverbird Group, Lagos, Mr. Ephraim Akparawa Inyang-Eyen; Chief of Staff to the Governor, Akwa Ibom State.

Here’s the event program

Communique:African Women’s Role in the emerging Global Digital Workforce

The African Women’s Role in the emerging Global Digital Workforce Workshop, was held on 2nd September 2020.

The workshop was attended by 70 participants from Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Saint Kitts, and United States. It was moderated by Selina Bentoom; a Human Capital Development Expert, with Digital Experts; Atai Albert and Richard George from USA, as resource persons.

At the end of the session, some of the adopted solutions were:

  • Investment and collaboration.

The African government, private sector, educational sector, and the host of other stakeholders; need to collaborate on investing in infrastructure that is easily available and reliable. This will open up Africa to employment, wealth creation, and growth of the gross domestic product of each African nation.

  • Work virtualization and remote access

Africa needs adequate, and functional infrastructure to work from home. Policy makers should put in place a flexible system to help women with children undertake learning.

  • Business Transformation

In order to transform businesses, a basic assessment of business needs must be carried out, to identify the distinctive technological capabilities to be employed to various business units. Africa must run data driven businesses and economy.

  • Policy-making and Advocacy

There must be aggressive mitigation, advocacy and sensitization to drive technology and digital access. The right policy formulation and environment, and extreme prioritization, will continue to increase access to technology.

Read more in the Communique

AWLO Rape Sensitization Tour

The AWLO Ikot Ekpene Chapter, being moved with compassion concerning the high incidence of rape in surrounding communities, and across Nigeria, took on a rape sensitization tour.

The tour took place on Friday 20th August, 2020 from 10am to 2pm, across communities within Ikot Ekpene Sanatorial District, Akwa Ibom State. From villages in the Ukpom and Ibiaku communities in Ikono, to Ini Local Government Areas.

The mission of the sensitization tour, was to urge participants to ‘Say No To Rape’. Through shedding light, on the harmfulness of rape, pain to victims, and position of the law on sexual violence offence (including life sentence).

Participants included, villagers of all age groups and gender. And sessions were indoors and outdoors – junctions and bustops. Sensitization sessions were on; causes of rape, consequences and effect of rape on victims, experiences of rape victims, and finally rape and the law.

Participants were strongly urged to desist from acts of sexual violence. Mrs Blessing Whenshall who is a Police Officer explained the legal implications of sexual violence. Especially at Ini Local Government Area, known to have high prevalence of rape. The AWLO Ikot Ekpene Chapter team was led by the Coordinator; Mrs. Emem Ukpong, others on her team were the Public Relations Officer; Mary Ekpo, and Mrs. Imaobong Dick.

The feedback from the total of 200 participants in attendance proved the sessions to be enlightening. As they promised to share their experiences, expose acts of sexual violence, and take the message of “Say No To Rape” to their churches and community.

At the core, AWLO is advancing the status and leadership of women. And is at the fore front of creating awareness on ‘women rights as human rights’. Therefore, enabling women to attain their full potential as equal human beings.

The Women Executives and Potential Leaders Symposium Report

The Women Executives and Potential Leaders Symposium is an annual initiative by the African Women In Leadership Organization Cameroon Chapter. To bring together female leaders; to discuss, learn, and share perspectives. Concerning key thematic areas, for the growth of women and female leadership.

The first edition of the symposium held on the 22nd August 2020 in Yaoundé, on the theme; Women leaders: working together to Achieve Innovative Performance.

The Symposium brought together female leaders from public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The goal was to learn, share and build capacity, to develop innovative strategies for the improvement of female leadership, build problem solving skills, and organisational productivity.

The program was led by Mrs. Yenwo Bertha, President of the African Women in Leadership Organization (AWLO) Cameroon. It is a strategy to reinforce the organization’s commitment to empowering women, and mitigating the challenges of female leadership in Cameroon.

This was further buttressed in a deliberation, and development of a Policy Declaration, on Cameroon Women Leaders Innovative Performance in Public, Private and Non-profit Sector.

It brought together highly successful and budding female leaders to discuss key issues, in line with women leaders working together, innovation, productivity and Performance.

It went further to bridge the divide between older successful female leaders, and the younger female leaders. This is to be achieved through an annual intergenerational mentorship. It will not only to promote intergenerational collaboration, but sustainability of female leadership in Cameroon.

Download the full report on The Women Executives and Potential Leaders Symposium here.

AWLO 2020 International Youth day Report

AWLO 2020 International Youth day Commemoration was a  gathering of young leaders across 15 countries around the world; who are enthusiastic about repositioning, for better, and effective, global engagement and action.

It is our hope that this global movement of leadership solutions, sparked up by our conversations, stay with our young leaders. That they will take on positive actions, and be the change in their community.

The AWLO Youth Council as a global support system of young leaders, continues to assure support to young female leaders, as they implement and practice the lessons and values from the sessions.

The AWLO 2020 International Youth day saw the adoption of action points captured from sessions and seasoned contributions by Dr. Elisha Attai, AWLO Founder, Chief Osasu Igbinedion; Matron/Mentor AWLO Global Youth Council, and Mrs. Maureen Omeibe; Dean AWLO Executive Council.

Youth Leaders/Speakers were Ms. Ngwi, Favor, AWLO Cameroon Youth Council President, Ms. Christiana Futela; AWLO Duala Youth Council Coordinator, Ms. Linda Njoku; AWLO Rivers Youth Council Coordinator, Ms. Shadee Keturah; AWLO Sierra Leone Youth Council President. Other keynotes were delivered by Mr. Keorapetse Kalaote, Mrs. Zyna Obasi, Ms. Kadijatu Ahene, AWLO Arizona Chapter Coordinator & Hon. Mrs. Eunice Thomas; Former State Commissioner of Women Affairs, Nigeria.

Find here the adopted Action Points of AWLO IYD 2020 and watch sessions on Youtube

Ms. Theodora Ayeni
AWLO IYD 2020 Host & AWLO Nigeria Youth Council President

Communiqué on De-Culturing Rape in Africa and Finding effective solutions for Victims

On the 3rd of July 2020, African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), held the second of its rape series – a virtual town-hall meeting on De-culturing Rape in Africa. With Alibaba Akpobome, Chika Nya-etok, and Dr. Yewande Austin, moderated by Prof Uduak Archibong.

With increasing violation of rights of women and girls, AWLO under the leadership of Dr. Elisha Attai, continues to leverage its Community of global thought leaders and experts to provide resources, tools, and policy recommendations to end sexual violence.

This Communiqué therefore captured the contributions of private and public sector leaders, on the African continent and the African diaspora.

African Women in Leadership Organisation is a non-for-profit organization,
advancing African Women’s Leadership globally.

Download communique

Appraising the Culture of Rape in Africa

In line with the objectives of African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), a virtual town-hall meeting was held on Appraising the Culture of Rape: Delivering a Sustainable Solution to a Crisis, on 10th June 2020,

Below is a Communique that captures highlights of the conversation, and collective input of 100 Private and Public Sector Leaders from Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, and United States.

This digital convocation was moderated by Prof. Uduak Archibong, MBE; Director Center for Inclusion and Diversity University of Bradford. It had in attendance high level leaders and resource persons including Dame Julie Okah-Donli, Director of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) Nigeria; H.E. Amb. Arikana Chihombori-Quao MD, former African Union Ambassador to the United Nation; H.E. Seriake Dickson, former Governor of Bayelsa State, Nigeria; H.E. Fatima Maada Bio, First Lady of Sierra Leone, and H.E. Jewel Howard-Taylor, Vice President of Liberia.

African Women in Leadership Organisation is a non-for-profit organization for the advancement of African Women’s Leadership globally. In furtherance of our objectives, the town-hall was held to call for sustainable solutions in rape advocacy. A post-webinar deliverable is a manifesto signed by African Leaders for action against rape.

Download Communique here, and watch youtube video

AWLO Webinar with H.E. Fatima Maada Bio

On Wednesday 27th May, 2020, the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) convened a webinar on the theme ‘Using the Power of Your Voice to Change the Society’ with H. E. Fatima Maada Bio First Lady of Sierra Leone. It was Moderated from the United Kingdom by Ms. Nonye Omotola, the webinar had in attendance more than eighty (80) participants from different parts of the globe.

Download Communique here, and watch youtube video

AWLO Webinar: Women in the Frontline in Crisis Time

On Wednesday 6th May, 2020, the African Women in Leadership Organisation AWLO Webinar was a panel discussion on the theme ‘Women in the Frontline in Crisis Time: Rethinking Impact and the Challenges of Leadership’.

The virtual panel was attended by up to eighty-one (81) participants from Africa, North America, Europe and Asia. Moderated by Prof. Uduak Archibong MBE of the University of Bradford, United Kingdom, the panel discussion expanded discourse on the sociology of women participation in leadership at different levels and sectors, namely the media, the arts, politics, family and at personal levels.

Panelists were Osasu Igbinadion, Anze Mofor, Guy Murray-Bruce, Yiling Li.

Download Communique here

Remaining Resilient through Crisis and Changes with Jewel Howard-Taylor

In line with the objectives of African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), it held a town-hall meeting on 13th May 2020.

Facilitated by the Founder of AWLO, Dr. Elisha Attai, this was an opportunity to build trust and confidence in the AWLO community; as they converse with an African woman in leadership, to build resilience through the changing times. The town hall was held in conversation with Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor; Vice President of Liberia.

African Women in Leadership Organisation is a non-for-profit organization for the advancement of African Women’s Leadership globally. In furtherance of our objectives, is the facilitation of high level meetings, for inclusive decision making; towards the development of African Women, and the region.

The areas of focus of the meeting were, women’s peacebuilding and justice, leveraging crisis and adversity, and women channeling their voices for equitable institutions. In all, anchoring resilience in diverse context; be it sociopolitical or socioeconomic.

The Communique therefore captures highlights of the conversation, and collective input of 80 Private and Public Sector Leaders from Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, and United States. This digital convocation was moderated by Prof. Uduak Archibong, MBE; Director Center for Inclusion and Diversity University of Bradford, UK.

Download communique here, and watch youtube video

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