This year AWLO will be focused on sustainability and leadership performance. In 2017, we registered significant success in enabling many women recognize their potential. AWLO Theme for 2017 was inspiring greatness, and unleashing the power, and thousands of African Women poured in testimonials. It was also further proof that, self-belief is a significant step in attaining one’s potential.

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This year’s AWLO theme is Creating Transgenerational Impact through Innovative Leadership . We will be focused on creating sustainability and maximizing leadership performance. We believe that the idea of women in Leadership would be a facade without churning out innovative leaders, more so women leaders willing to create transgenerational impact.

Thanks to the recent Time’s Firsts reveal of innovative female leaders; a feat that every woman should aspire for. We believe that more women can be at the forefront in their various sectors, not just to fill positions, but to really fill gaps. We want more Ursula Burns, Issa Rae, Opral Benson, and we want to have them among us.

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This year is a call to women to be outstanding, and at the same time leave behind legacies. Our legacies are the only proof of our leadership. What can you say you have done? When you look around can you see another you? Who will preserve your efforts when you are gone? and does what you do stop only with you?

How has your impact revolutionized your sector or created a significant change? How many jobs do you create? What are your contributions to global issues and sustainable development?

This year AWLO will be necessitating transgenerational impact. Calling on more women to be involved in transgenerational impact, creating avenues for impartations and ideas exchange between the older and younger generation of leaders, facilitating actions for sustainable development, and raising innovative leaders.

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AWLO’s core competency is Leadership effectiveness, and we hope that it shows in the quality of female leaders we churn out in 2018. We also serve for a greater purpose, not just for the now. So, here is to Creating Transgenerational Impact through Innovative Leadership in year 2018.