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The 7th edition of the African women in leadership conference was held at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria from the 7th to 8th of May, 2015 with the theme: African Women: Transcending the globe, breaking barriers. Was delivered in technical partnership with LOreal, Maybelline, Amstel, AIT, MultiTV, Ovation, Studio 115′ Good Morning Africa, Nanette Suites, Planet, MetroTV, MD Magazine and Be – dazzled.

The conference was attended by African Women leaders across the continent in diverse fields of endeavors and was declared opened by HE Aisha Buhari, wife of the President Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

There were representatives from the diaspora, the diplomatic community, government and business. Presentations were made by inspirational and dynamic speakers who spoke with passion, knowledge, power and from their hearts. The conference ended with an Awards Gala Dinner where individuals, who have distinguished themselves pin their various fields were honored. The Founder Mr Elisha in his welcoming speech, Welcomed all African women to the conference and also gave a warm applause to the delegates from Ghana, Saying in Ghana “Akwaaba” thanking them for their infectious hospitality.

Mr Elisha also said “ Today, i make bold to say that our focus on driving and influencing change in regional and local communities have yielded fruit as our delegates return to their roots after each conference with fresh ideas on how to improve the status of women in the continent. African women in leadership organisation (AWLO), the umbrella body that hosts the conference has therefore contributed positively to the united nations objectives of creating empowering platforms for achieving gender equality and fairness for women all over the world. As we gather here again to celebrate and consolidate the gains of activities spanning seven years, we are more than ever committed to the burning ideals of empowerment and recognition of women’s roles across Africa. We are not unmindful of the several barriers and limitations ingrained from past generations of misuse of the abilities of women, but we firmly hold unto the dreams of solidarity and cohesion of members with the implementation of gender sensitive programs that are focused on improving the lot of women in the African continent and beyond”.

He ended his welcome speech with these words “As i end, i salute the African woman who have risen above fears, intimidating situations, doubt and environmental, religious and cultural conspiracies to emerge as barrier breakers in leadership positions. These women have been most influential thereby encouraged others to dream big through perseverance, determination and dedication to their ideals. They are listed in the Time’s 100 most influential people’s list. We commend their unwavering spirit of excellence and look forward to more African women being honored all over the world . Thank you all”.

After 2 days of intensive conference and discussions, we reached the following conclusions: 1. That AWLO creates mentoring groups where members will mentor sponsor and assist other women who aspire to leadership positions.

2. That AWLO set up webinars to discuss gender base violence.

3. In the organization’s effort to solve the dearth of role models, members shall adopt one girl child each so as to train either in a school or in a trade. 4. That AWLO shall document such adoption for record purposes, follow up and reporting.

5. That AWLO shall coordinate a database of women leaders who can contribute their expertise to the development and implementation of AWLO policies..

6. That members, as individuals and in groups shall advocate for the enforcement and implementation of women rights, not just as a matter of course, but a necessity.

7. That members encourage our girl child to get involve in Technology, Science, Engineering and Maths.

8. To form strong lobby groups to work with women in leadership positions to open sure the integration of women perspectives in governance and policy making.

It is worthy to note a few powerful and remarkable quotes that were garnered during the conference to wit:

1. Every woman that gets to a position of leadership should be able to bring at least 10 women into the fold.

2. Synergy, collaboration are key to achieving our passion and visions. You cannot stand alone.

3. Women are energy beings, beware of the emotional baggage. Do not lose your focus and vision.

4. Get to work. Without financial independence, you talk in vain.

5. A woman was not born aggressive. Behind the aggressiveness there is a story. Be compassionate.

6. A positive view of the self is the foundation of mental health.

7. The a users are usually the most charming. Let the scales fall off your eyes. Violence is a vicious circle.

8. When we have, we have to ensure the woman behind us have and that the woman at home have it.

9. There is need to fight for women to have political representation