African Women in Leadership Conference is for Women who are aspiring to be more; who seek to improve themselves in career and personal lives. And hope to meet with peers in their industry; to maximize opportunities, be challenged and aspire for global relevance.

What is it About?

It is a Movement for African Women’s Relevance

Indeed, there is strength in numbers, and African Women in Leadership Conference is women, teaming up, forming a force, in one voice, and initiating a movement.
They are improving themselves, and creating opportunities for themselves. Working together, and creating solutions for Africa. It is a movement of African Women’s relevance.

To Engage Decision Makers

We don’t want to hope for the right policies and opportunities as women. African Women in Leadership Conference is an Engagement point for Stakeholders; to brainstorm, deliberate and join forces in AFrican Women’s Development.

This is where we engage key decision makers such as Business Owners, Heads of Government, Policy Makers, Institutions and Government Agencies to propagate the right agenda to favor women’s leadership.

Why We Also Engage with Stakeholders

There are tons of opportunities out there, and African Women in Leadership Conference beams the light on them. Opportunities for personal development, Opportunities to maximize for business and professional growth. AWLC is a global pedestal for networking with peers and mentors, and maximizing opportunities to showcase our businesses and competencies.

What’s not to look forward to

Since African Women in leadership Conference began 10 years ago, it’s been a major milestone in actualizing women’s leadership. There is so much to look forward to every year.

This year’s African Women in Leadership Conference opens with a reception on the 19th of July in honor of the Vice President of Liberia; Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, a member of African Women in Leadership Organisation. This is a major milestone for AWLO; producing a female leader in that capacity.

There is also a Women in Male Dominated Sectors Symposium to interface with stakeholders and spark up conversation in this area. To explore the Unique needs of the Terrain, how to forge a career and future in a male Dominated Sector, the needs of young leaders versus the realities and how to bridge the gap, Building relationships with Sector Leaders, and examining the unique Problems faced by women and proposed solutions.

Asides from bonding moments, our speakers are policy makers, outstanding professionals, innovators, from all over Africa and the diaspora. We are going to engage in enlightening conversations and create opportunities for women to excel through Learning sessions and networking.

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