The African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) is a non-profit organisation that is open to all women leaders of African descent all over the world. AWLO seeks to advance the status of women in leadership positions in the African continent and beyond by creating an empowering platform and harnessing the synergies of alliance. It is a cohesive inclusive organisation driven by a membership of dynamic women of worth!

The mission of AWLO is to bring together female executives, professionals and leaders to further advance the leadership status of women in the continent and fulfil the objectives of the organisation. AWLO envisions a continent in which women take their rightful place as home and nation builders with equal opportunities and equal access in all areas of existence.

The objectives of the organisation include fostering an alliance amongst women of African descent in leadership positions, challenging them to aspire to take up leadership positions in their respective countries, creating awareness for women in leadership positions for proper conduct in office, creating a platform for unity, solidarity, cohesion, dialogue, networking amongst members for self-development, supporting and initiating strategies that improve access to legal, political, economic, educational, and health services to advance the status of women in the region and promoting respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of women in the continent.

The Organization’s actions involve advocacy at the highest level to influence change and women’s leadership in local and regional communities; providing scholarship opportunities to promote leadership and equality for women and the girl child in the continent; initiating and encouraging mentoring programmes at all levels; facilitating education, development and ICT awareness programmes for women towards unleashing their leadership potential; supporting and advocating in all areas that promote financial independence and empowerment for women; and facilitating service and volunteer programmes by utilizing the expertise of the membership to support grassroots leadership initiatives across the continent.

The African Women in Leadership Organisation has grown significantly over the years. This is largely attributable to the strong, active and vibrant AWLO chapters in Africa and in the US at country and state level.

We encourage our members to commit to leadership in this way. Starting a new chapter requires a significant investment of time and energy to properly market, recruit, organize and administer information rich meetings and activities that support AWLO members. The Organisation provides plenty of information, guidance, and support so that strong AWLO chapters can be established.