AWLO, a non-profit organisation in its giant strides and traction is increasing in momentum and added value.  It  has extended its passion for the cause of  advancing the participation and performance in leadership by women by bridging its interventions  to the next generation. This is a generative and proactive stance that not only seeks to improve the performance of women in leadership; but to anticipate and address the issues that will give Africa and the World, the very best from women leaders of tomorrow.
For AWLO, the Next Generation Female Leaders are the young girls and young women of today in their various conditions IN OUR TOUGH WORLD AND ECONOMY  OF TODAY.

The young women who  form the immediate CORE of the Next Generation of female leaders are indeed the unemployed graduates, the young women walking the streets, trying their hands on menial jobs to eke out some money for their bare necessities of life. It was clear to the Voice of Eve which spotted the need for priority entrepreneurship training for young women, and to AWLO itself, that poverty is the MOST DELETERIOUS to young women. It exposes them to predators and to the temptation of Compromise.
The dignity and worth of young women , the next generation of female leaders must be preserved from threat of compromise due to hardship.

Creative entrepreneurship was to be the answer.

Added to the need of entrepreneurial training of young women was also the need for the development of character of excellence and the need to address the early foundations of leadership from infancy, young child to adolescence.
AWLO’s bridge over to the next generation of female leader has therefore produced an epic and classic continuum of leadership Developmental Big Picture Perspective.

This Singular  Strategy and measure by AWLO has taken it from  a mere ADVOCACY and  ACTIVIST Organization TO A KEY SOLUTION PROVIDER FOR  LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT  FOR  AFRICA.

AWLO  by its robust  module is clearly  emerging as A Strategic leadership development organization with  potential deliverables, and tangible results for Africa and the world . The launch of the Next Generation Female Leaders Project and the leadership developmental continuum of  AWLO, heralds  a new dawn in the  input of non – profit  voluntary sacrifice , contribution and legacy of the public spirited   and patriotic members  of AWLO  worthy of note and commendation.

A Global Organization with its Global Chapters and its Global Youth Councils in the continents of the world, AWLO has become a formidable organization deserving  support of all who desire to see the glorious dawn of Africa with prepared  and well groomed women mainstreamed in all arenas of life and making special added value contributions across board.

The launch today heralds the debut of the Global youth agenda with its center points on:
1. Education
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Excellence.
These tripods constitute the FULCRUM,  and the beacon of the project.
1. Education centers on knowledge acquisition by education to the highest level and continuous trainings. THIS INCLUDES AWLO’S FLAGSHIP PROJECT OF ONE MOTHER ONE CHILD ADOPTIVE MANDATE FOR ALL WOMEN OF WORTH
2. Entrepreneurship centers on:
i. Skill Acquisition
ii. Hands-on business. CREATIVITY AS IDEA FOR MONEY
iii. Digital Technology
3. Excellence centers on:
i. Commitment to Excellence Culture
ii. Character Standard
iii.       Relationship with God
iv.   Womanhood/Motherhood virtues
v. Community services


AWLO’S initiative will culminate in AWLO’s Finishing School of Leadership- a Melting Pot of all the vision of pooling together of all the quintessential qualities of women in leadership. It will be a Master’s Degree program in partnership with a reputable University with a   Department or Chair  for Women’s Studies

To underscore its excellence criteria,  AWLO will institute annual awards in leadership in partnership with financial institutions and others- for distinction in:
1. Philanthropy (Community Service)
2. Political and Governance (Solution)
3. Creative Art Performance
4. Entrepreneurship


AWLO will  be the first to give Africa and the world thoroughly groomed, prepared females for high performance as potential leaders, and teachers of leaders. The AWLO brand will be distinctive for Beauty/Brain/ Character/High performance/ Honor of God