AWLO’s flagship programme and the highlight of its activities is the annual African Women in Leadership Conference (AWLC).

The annual conference provides a platform for women from all walks of life to come together to further advance the status of women of African descent and indeed all women who become members. This annual event provides a conducive platform for networking, solidarity, mentoring and unity amongst African women for self-development

We strive to develop and nurture a network of socially conscious women leaders that will lead in bringing positive transformation to Africa and the rest of the world. The conference aims to harness and enhance the leadership potential of women in leadership positions in Africa as a whole and channel them towards the unity and development of the region.

The atmosphere each year at the African Women in Leadership Conference is one of inspiration, empowerment and sisterhood. It is where the solidarity of the membership is enhanced, actions implemented during the year are discussed and shared and goals and objectives for the coming year articulated. It also provides the platform for recognition and celebration of women achievers within the region through the Awards ceremony and for election of officers.

The maiden AWLC was hosted by Ghana in 2009 and has subsequently been hosted annually in Nigeria in 2010, Ghana in 2011, Gambia in 2012, Nigeria in 2013 and Atlanta 2014.

The 2015 African edition was held in Lagos while the Global conference was held in Houston Texas. The 2016 African Edition was held in South Africa and the Global conference was held in Washington DC, USA.

Programmes and Projects

Leadership Development

The focus of AWLO is on women of African descent. Among the Organisation’s projects is the design and implementation of gender programmes for Africa; training programmes for women in business; programmes for women at grass root level; funding programmes for women and many others. All AWLO projects and activities are focused around the areas that will improve the status of women in the continent.

AWLO provides a platform for leadership development through its leadership development series. AWLO’s leadership development series are designed to enhance your personal and business visibility and performance towards success.

Our practical courses, workshops, seminars and retreats are designed to be suitable for every size and type of business or individual wishing to explore the potential that they offer for leadership development in all areas of life.


Next Generation Female Leaders Project

AWLO’s commitment to advancing the leadership opportunities and status of women has gained a strong traction culminating in bridging over to the Next Generation of Female Leaders. This has taken the Organisation’s initiatives beyond mere advocacy to actionable development and equipping the Next Generation of Female Leaders for high performance.

AWLO’s Next Generation of Female Leaders Project is a continuum that stretches from early foundations, i.e. the cradle, the nursery, to adolescent girls of the ‘iLead’, and The Young Women of “I am capable” projects. It is all inclusive, carrying along­ young girls and women in diverse arenas.

The Declaration “I am capable” encapsulates AWLO’s creative and innovative rationale on the subject of advancement of the status of women in leadership. It balances the activism of the Affirmative action, with proper preparation and development of young women because commitment to excellence and meritocracy reduces discrimination against women and guarantees more access to opportunities for leadership. It also ushers into the struggle a Proactive-ness that is necessary if the Gender –yawning gap must be reduced.. Not the least is the re-indoctrination of young women to believe in their innate and acquired capability and the dignity of womanhood.

The happy news of the focus on young woman is the readiness of supportive converts to join the initiative in partnership.

Already AWLO has got the ears of Google and IBM for the imperative indoctrination on Digital Technology for the young women of the digital world of tomorrow. Free trainings with certification by IBM and Google are being accessed by these young women  in Leadership Development, Personal Branding and Digital Marketing. There is also more reinforcement by trainings on Personal Effectiveness and the core competence of entrepreneurship for economic empowerment.

The Next Generation of Female Leaders Project will be consolidated and consummated in a proposal for a Finishing School- in partnership with like-minded institutions overseas. Some have already been identified. A Master’s Degree will be a trophy of qualified young women. By this model, AWLO will give Africa and the world, perhaps the best crop of thoroughly prepared Female Leaders to impact Africa as transformative Change Agents.