Benson Imoh is the Chief Technology Officer of the African Women in Leadership Organisation, a front-line not-for-profit committed to changing the narratives of leadership in Africa.

An Avant-garde, Experience Designer & Coder, Benson has vast experience in the field of Design and technology. He blends technology and arts to creatively and efficiently solve everyday problems for individuals and businesses; seeking smarter and newer ways to do old things while saving time and resources at the same time. He spent most part of his college years studying Computer Engineering and working in the Digital Arts industry.

Before devoting his work full-time to the African Women in Leadership Organisation in 2017, where he spends his time developing innovative products, managing the technical strategy, optimizing efficiency and coordinating the various teams, operations, and individuals, Benson served as the Creative Director of AWLO TV, Africa’s First Women WebTV in 2015.

His artistic taste and penchant for details, structure, and management made him the choice person to work with by various high-profile clients as Consultant, Art Director, Project Manager, and Creative Director.

He has stayed true to his creative inclinations by always working on personal projects(some which can be found on GitHub, Bitbucket, Behance, and DeviantArt) and doing short stints at fledgling and established businesses and companies. Some of which are; Syndsocial – a leading business growth and traffic generator software in Santa Clara California, Hope Behind Bars Africa – a not-for-profit committed to providing access to justice for indigent inmates and to improving the reformation, welfare & well-being of humans behind bars through innovative interventions, effective collaborations and advocacy, Businessity – a business solving the biggest problems in business, marketing and sales in the most innovative and effective way.

Benson Imoh is a realist with a leaning towards optimism. He is a big believer in mid-western work ethic. He chooses books over movies 9 times out of 10 and finds time to write and blog about productivity hacks, automation, and business.

He has a strong passion for the arts, technology, design, and education. Benson currently serves the Andela Learning Community and Facebook Developer Circles as a mentor.