The AWLO-500 is a project set to help women in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria tackle some of the important issues in their business relating to business discipline and value, an optimistic approach towards self-skill discovery and what it takes to have the mind of a CEO. Our facilitator for this session Favour Ayodele is a Life Coach with years of experience under his belt, he pointed out that one major issue that has occurred in his years of mentoring business owners has been discipline and value on the path of the owner.

He would be offering post-workshop mentorship to any participant that is ready to take up the challenge with the readiness and attitude to learn also there would be available for one on one or group section.

Favour Ayodele mentioned that it’s very important for him to be part of this journey to gender equality, stating that every avenue or opportunity to impact, should/must not be a subject of compulsion or appealing bait. He sees the gathering as an open cheque to maximizing, depositing and influencing the concerned for positive leadership and management transformation. More so, a place of adding value to the community most especially the Organization.
Lastly, it’s a call to serve without reservation.