One of the major problems AWLO500 is set out to address is the issues of technology amongst businesses in Nigeria. Businesses- owners have not keyed into the advantages that come with scaling their business with technology.

Benson Imoh, our facilitator is the Chief Technology Officer of the African Women in Leadership Organisation, a front-line not-for-profit committed to changing the narratives of leadership in Africa. When he joined his current workplace some years back, the work processes were mostly conventional. He noticed a lot of problems with the work processes, marketing strategy, and operations and he used technology and automation to improve the standards and process of his company.

He duly pointed out that when asks what people think one of the major issues faced by businesses is? a lot of people would be quick to say ‘SALES’. But it actually is ‘Resources Allocation – Human, Operational and Financial – which are scarce by the way’ and ‘Inspiring trust in their customers’. It is the key to sales.

The best take home for participants at the event, is that he would be sharing how businesses no matter how small can leverage technology to scale and realize a profit. Discussions ranging from business strategy to if/how technology fits into business.

Participants would get post-workshop consulting services, He pointed out and will be ready to work with interested businesses and entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and deploy technology where necessary.