The AWLO-500 is a project set to help women in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria tackle some of the important issues in their business from branding to sales to scalability and the use of technology to take their business to the next level. During the AWLO500 workshop, women would have the opportunity to meet some of the finest experts in the industry and exhibitors in their various industries.

One of AWLO500’s facilitators is Mr. Gilbert Ewehweh SP a Business and Development Consultant who has 10 years of working with startups, microentrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs and young people with business ideas. Nurturing and maturing their business ventures. coaching and mentoring them on how they could translation their business ideas into sustainable ventures. Giving them the necessary entrepreneurial skills they need to take their business venture to the next level. With the focus on resource mobilization through Innovative financing since our traditional banks don’t give loans or credit to young startups because they don’t have collateral security.

AWLO500 participant’s major take home as Mr. Glibert duly pointed out is acquiring new skills translating a sustainable business venture through ” design thinking and designing a winning business model” summarised in three words IDEA + TEAM + CAPITAL and the ability to get post-workshop mentorship at almost no cost as a HeforShe Ambassador, it is my role to invest in the African woman and mentoring and coaching them is pivotal.