What is AWLO-500?
AWLO-500 is an economic empowerment project. It gives women empowerment opportunities in 2 phases. A capacity-building workshop and Post-Workshop phase

What is AWLO-500 Workshop?
AWLO-500 Workshop is a capacity building workshop to build capacity in the areas of entrepreneurship and provide a soft landing for post-workshop opportunities.

What happens in the AWLO-500 Post-Workshop phase?
AWLO is working with partner organizations to provide Business Advisory, Subsidized Loans, Market Place, Hands-on Trainings and Business Community for women. This will be under the umbrella of a Cooperative Society.

Do I stand a chance to participate in the post-workshop phase if I do not attend the Workshop?
No. The Post-workshop phase is only for workshop participants and registered members of AWLO.

How much is the registration fee for AWLO-500 Workshop
It is FREE.