Women in Leadership: Dr. Remi Duyile is an Accomplished Nigerian Born International Leader

Dr. Remi Duyile is a Nigerian born and accomplished author, International Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Business & Influence Strategist. She has served at different governmental bodies both in Nigeria and in the United States

Her Work as a Corporate Strategist in USA

Dr. Duyile immigrated to the United States and through hard work and perseverance has climbed the corporate ladder of one of the nation’s most revered banking institutions, Bank of America. It was there that she shattered glass ceilings; being appointed Vice President of Retail, Premier, and Mortgage Banking.

Dr. Duyile served in this role managing over 600 financial portfolios of high net-worth clients for 17 years, until she decided that it was time to step into her true calling of helping others as a serial entrepreneur.

Dr. Remi Duyile as a Humanitarian

Good success is when others benefit from what you do, and stand as testimonials to your good deeds. Dr. Duyile is passionate about seeing others succeed, it’s no doubt she was honored by the Governor of Maryland in the United States of America for her matchless efforts to better humanity. She has made it her life’s purpose to empower others to recognize their own strength and abilities.

Dr. Duyile has since validated her status as a speaker, gaining numerous certifications with The John Maxwell Group, Jim Rohn, and under the mentorship of renowned motivational influencer Les Brown.

As a certified speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur, Dr. Duyile has made ‘others’ the focus of her life and business. In the years since leaving corporate America, she has established various foundations in support of this vision including: her own mortgage company; Premier Mortgage Solutions, an International consulting firm; Image Consulting Group, and a non-profit providing mentorship and financial literacy for women and girls called Legacy Premier Foundation.

Under the umbrella of her companies she has become an Empowerment Mentor, Community Mobilizer, Certified Trainer, as well as an International Key Note speaker.

More About Her Career

Remi Served for five years in Akure, Nigeria as Senior Adviser and International Relations liaison for Diaspora affairs to the Ondo State Governor.

Remi has attended many high-profile events such as dinners at the White House with former US President Barack Obama and congressional events for the community in support of the legislatures.

Remi Duyile’s knowledge and leadership, is sought after and well respected. Given her savoir faire, Dr. Duyile has become a liaison working with various global agencies to connect the continent of Africa with the world. She has spoken throughout Africa, Europe, and extensively within North America (Canada and the US) teaching financial literacy, offering entrepreneurial development, and encouraging millennials to engage in the Diaspora, among other things.

Dr. Remi Duyile is an Author

In her commitment to inspire others, in 2016 Dr. Duyile added the title of author to her ever-expanding list of accomplishments. Her book, Perseverance: Winning Key to Destiny was published in the US and is sold internationally.

She Has it All

While it is quite evident that Dr. Remi Duyile wears many hats, the one that she wears very proudly is being a devoted wife, and mother to three awesome children. Juggling one’s own talents and passions (while uplifting and polishing those of others) is a difficult task for anyone— but Dr. Duyile credits all of her success to God, and the support of her best friend and loving husband of 28 years.

A New Appointment to Serve in the Governor’s Cabinet

Presently, she has been appointed as member of the Governor’s Commission on African Affairs in Maryland U.S.A by the Governor of Maryland- Lawren J, Hogan, Jr. Governor of Maryland. The Governor commended her saying “Thank you for making this strong personal and professional commitment to serve the best interest of our citizens”. Here is to four years of remarkable service.

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Reintroducing AWLO: Learn, Connect, Attain Potential, Make Impact

African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) is the premier organization for women and young women of African descent, for changing the narrative and building capacity of African Women in Leadership through Networking, Experiential Leadership Development and Social Impact. We are an international not-for-profit with chapters and youth councils in 10 African Countries. existing as a 501(c) organization under the federal laws of the United States of America, aligned to the United Nations Global Compact and currently springing in the United Kingdom.

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Here are our four call-to-actions to women of African descent: Learn, Connect, Attain Potential, and Make Impact. 

We are concerned about the African Woman’s full journey to attain leadership. A usual misconception is that leadership is reserved only for those in leadership positions. For AWLO, Leadership means recognizing your potential, believing in it, and staying committed to attain it.

It is true that leadership is applicable to both men and women, however AWLO sticks to adding value to women. We have identified unique needs for women, to fill the gap of women representation in leadership. To achieve this, here is a leadership journey we have mapped out for women.


Leaders are life-long Learners

AWLO has been instrumental in creating diverse learning experiences for women. While we are canvassing for maximum women representation in leadership, we have to build capacity for such roles. The best empowerment tool is knowledge; in theory and experience.

AWLO’s core competency is Leadership development, and is creating learning opportunities through capacity building events, and even more sustainable value through a membership system.

We created a leadership consultancy module for executives and management; teaming up with management consultancy institutions to provide leadership solutions, and live our imprint of effective leadership at organizational levels.

Our AWLO Youth Council is our lifeline to sustainable leadership; to nurture a formidable foundation. The Youth Council offers an incubator for young people. It provides opportunities and capacity building in entrepreneurship, leadership, education, and character-excellence.


We are sticklers for support systems. AWLO Chapters worldwide are effective support systems for women in leadership to harness for their growth and relevance. We believe that the ladder to climb to the top is a supportive network.

Since joining AWLO, I have learnt what service to humanity really means. In AWLO, I have met women who are selfless and that gives me hope for humanity. – Zannie Odoko, Member AWLO Rivers Chapter


AWLO is an experience for women and young women to tap into their potential. Women can only lead at their best. We are creating opportunities, resources, expert advice, and everything with that one goal in mind.

AWLO vision is a world in which women take their rightful place as home and nation builders with opportunities and equal access in all areas



This completes the leadership cycle – making impact, hence our experiential leadership development method. The Chapter system gives members leverage to undertake community development. We  believe it is of necessity to integrate a give-back model where leaders can devise ways to impact their community.

AWLO is imparting ‘servant leadership’ to our chapters, thereby building an army of impactful leaders in various communities. Even up to the youth council level, young women are encouraged to add value to their communities in tangible ways no matter how small.

This year following our theme; Creating Transgenerational Impact through Innovative Leadership, youth council members are encouraged to found iLEAD Clubs in schools in their community. AWLO’s iLEAD is a model of backwards integration in leadership development up to secondary school level where beneficiaries are taught self-leadership and social responsibility.


Women in Leadership Q & A with Nathalie Nicole Smith

Nathalie Nicole Smith is a beauty and wellness maven who has spent the last seven years building a powerhouse brand that caters to the needs of women mentally, physically and spiritually.

A graduate of Howard University and a 93.9 WKYS “Top 30 Under 30” honoree, she is the founder of a non-profit organization called, Women Who Boss, and a beauty and wellness company, called PlushRx.

A National Director with Total Life Changes, she has received numerous awards as a top-earner in the business. She recently is expanding her efforts into Africa where her project 1KWomen has a goal to encourage and support 1000 women to become financially free internationally.

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Two habits that keep you grounded as a Leader

Number one, I am always believing. The second habit is hard work. When you believe and work hard nothing is impossible. When trials and tribulation occur God always works it out. Belief and hard work beats talent for you to keep persevering.

One Experience in My Life that Shaped your Leadership Journey

Opening up a store at 23 shaped my leadership journey. It taught me how to influence, manage and support others. Working with individuals older and younger gave me the ability to build mental toughness and patience with different walks of life.

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One Lesson that Women in Leadership can Learn from Me

Real business should not be affected by your emotional state of mind. Women are known to go through a lot of different emotional ranges. When one masters their feelings, their business will grow.

The Type of Association Crucial to a Woman in Leadership’s Personal Growth

Effective leaders surround themselves with positive people. When you are connected to those that share the same perspective, standard and character traits as you, you will prosper.

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One Mistake that a Leader Must not Make

Never be unintentional. Effective leaders have to be intentional. You have to see the end now and cast a vision for others to follow.

Leading through Financial Independence: It’s a Woman’s World Too

Leading as a woman entails bearing financial burdens, and consequently it entails Financial Independence. What this does is a lot more than just helping to meet expenses. Women are also bearing responsibilities of their families and keeping pace with Men.

In this age of women empowerment, there has been an eye-opener, and women are effectively winning at employment and are working hard to be financially independent. So financial independence is another one to have in the bag, to compete favorably and live your full potential as a woman.


Why is it Important to be Financially Independent?

It is a Woman and A Man’s World

A lot of times I realize it’s a ‘man’s world’, where women are not really able to level up with the men.  Finances become a measure of capacity and women must show capacity as well.

In a patriarchal world men may tend to be richer than women, they continue to stand up for themselves , and attain their full potential. Most women may have ambitions such as political ambitions, but cannot pursue it because they are not financially able to sustain such ambitions. For instance, Politics is one of the areas where men have dominated in time past because of their financial capacity.

It is important for women to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their counterparts in any field, especially because they are being judged based on the same criterion as the men.


Take Charge of Your Life

Money is not a luxury, it affords you your needs, and opportunities.

Recently a man ranted on social media about women wanting to be paid for being in a relationship. This was to throw shade on women overly relying on men for their needs. In other words, men are being put in the place of paying  women for not necessarily adding value. Well, that is not to say that we should utterly let go of support.

First and foremost, it is very important to be able to offer value to oneself before another person can. Take charge of your life. Financial independence means adding value to your life, being in control, and it invariably affects your self-esteem.

Money will Buy You Confidence

Financial independence doesn’t put anybody in the place of having a say over you, but you. And you can brag on yourself when you don’t depend on anybody for your expenses. It further inspires confidence when others know that you are capable of bringing something to the table.

Take Responsibility

You are an asset when you are financially independent. It enables you to take responsibility. There will be a tremendous increase in female participation in adding value to the society when there are empowered women in the society. Through paying taxes women will contribute to revenue generation, they’ll be increased productivity too, and they’ll also be able to give back.

The family can also use the huge support of women. With a high inflation rate, It becomes tough when for instance one person  has to take care of all the expenses. When there can use the help of a financially stable support, this means a lot to the family. Money empowers women to rise to responsibility.


Final takeaway; Become Empowered by Empowering Yourself

Your value in money is dependent on your earning power. You increase your earning power when you are constantly working on your skills and improving yourself. Once you start earning you have the resources. And there you go; financial independence